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Where Will These 3 Veteran NFL Quarterbacks Land In 2023?

The 2022 NFL regular season is ending, and many teams will be preparing to get their offseason plans in place. We have witnessed a significant amount of quarterback movement in the last couple of off-seasons, and this year seems to be no different.

The veteran quarterbacks who will be free agents or traded this offseason have already been rumored to a handful of teams, and it will be exciting to see where each of them land over the next few months.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever to play the game, and once again, he will be the talk of the offseason. Brady will turn 46 years old before the start of the regular season next year, and he could very well retire, but if he wants to play in 2023, he will be a free agent, and returning to Tampa Bay seems to be over.

Brady to the Las Vegas Raiders makes the most sense, and it will likely happen if he plays next year. The Raiders benched their veteran quarterback Derek Carr for the last two weeks of the year, and he will most likely be traded or cut after this season.

Brady could reunite with the current Raiders head coach and his former offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots, Josh McDaniels, and could be with star offensive players like Davante Adams, Hunter Renfrow, Darren Waller, and Josh Jacobs.

Brady being in the city of Las Vegas must happen at this point, and there is a great chance we will see Brady in silver and black. He’ll be a great fit for one of the NFL’s most popular franchises.

Derek Carr

Derek Carr was benched last week by the Las Vegas Raiders, and he was sent home by the club so he wouldn’t be a distraction which made zero sense.

Carr is a great leader, a fantastic person, and someone you want in your locker room, and he will have a lot of takers this offseason. He will most likely be traded than released, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers make a lot of sense.

I have Brady leaving and going to the Raiders, so that they will need a quarterback; the team is still in the win-now mode, and a rookie probably won’t work.

Going from Carr to Brady will be a little tricky initially, but Carr is a proven veteran quarterback who can work with guys like Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.

Tampa is still the number one team in the NFC South, and that’s why they need a veteran quarterback like Carr to keep them as a contender in a weak conference.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo will finally be a free agent after the season after not being moved by the San Francisco 49ers last offseason and being thrown back into the starter roll in the middle of Week Two when starting quarterback Trey Lance went down with a season-ending knee injury.

Garoppolo will look for a new home this offseason, and the New York Jets should be the favorite.

The Jet’s 2021 first-round pick Zach Wilson looks to be done in New York after his horrible sophomore season, and the team needs a leader, and Garoppolo is that and a lot more. The Jets showed that they could win games with a guy like Mike White and Joe Flacco starting at quarterback, and Garoppolo is an upgrade over both.

Garoppolo knows the coaching staff well from being with head coach Robert Saleh and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur with the 49ers.

Garoppolo has injury concerns and isn’t the best, but he will be a massive upgrade at the position, and the Jets could be a playoff team in 2023.

All three of these teams could be in the playoffs in 2023 with their new quarterbacks, so this NFL offseason should be fun.   



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