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Where The Patriots Rank In The AFC After Their Big Week Two Win

Where do the Patriots rank in the dynamic AFC, after their much needed win against the Steelers?

New England has concluded their second game against the Steelers. The Patriots were able to win a very crucial game, beating the Steelers 17-14. Going 0-2 would have essentially ended the Patriots’ playoff chances. New England looked a lot better in week two, which is a very promising sight to see. The Patriots have a young team, and development is they key to long-term success. New England looked very sharp, which was expected considering their sloppy game against the Dolphins in week one.

Where The Patriots Rank Offensively

The Patriots had a much better showing on offense than they did last week. New England was able to move the ball well, however they still have another gear they can hit on offense. Getting the tight ends and Devante Parker more involved in the offense should be a priority for New England. Neither the tight ends or Devante Parker recorded a catch. However, their success in the trenches gives plenty of reason for excitement, especially relative to the offseason and against Miami. Last week, offensively New England likely ranked in the six through ten range offensively in the AFC, and they still rank around that same area, seventh would be a good spot for them.

Miami overtook the Patriots offensively, after their electric twenty one point comeback against the Ravens. New England overtook the Colts, last week the Colts’ offense appeared to be stronger than New England’s. The Colts had a poor showing on offense, and they didn’t score a single point against the Jaguars and don’t seem to quite have things figured out with Matt Ryan. Other than those two teams, no team overtook, or fell behind New England ranking wise. Getting other players involved in the offense is very important.

The Patriots’ offense has taken a leap since last week, and Mac is starting to look more comfortable in New England’s offense. Meyers is establishing himself as a wide receiver one for New England. Overall, today was a good showing for New England, but they still have to get better.

Mac Jones looked a lot more poised this week, throwing for 252 yards, one interception, and one touchdown. However, Mac will need to do a better job limiting careless throws. Mac Jones threw an interception, and he had a bad throw that should have been an interception, but it was dropped. Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson is emerging as a top running back duo in the league. Damien Harris serves as an elusive running back, while Rhamondre Stevenson serves as a great power back. Damien Harris had seventy one yards, and Rhamondre had forty seven yards.

Where The Patriots Rank Defensively

New England had another good week on defense, limiting the Steelers to fourteen points. New England has made an effort to get younger and faster on defense, and it looks like a great decision now. Jabrill Peppers improved from last week, with three tackles, integrating himself in the defensive framework. Jalen Mills and the secondary had their fair share of athletic plays too. Furthermore, the Mack Wilson trade is looking like a good decision, and he’s showing his speed and coverage ability.

Seeing Tua torch the ravens for six touchdowns made the defensive performance last week for the Patriots even more impressive. Overall, New England looks like a much faster team than last season. Last week, New England got a rank of around three to five defensively in the AFC. New England looks like the third best defensive team in the AFC currently.

The safety room for the Patriots has been a strength so far into the season, with Kyle Dugger, Devin McCourty, Jabrill Peppers, and Adrian Phillips. The cornerback room for New England has been a little bit of a question mark entering 2022, and it is very important that the safety room steps up. If Jack Jones develops throughout the season, New England’s secondary has the potential to be elite.


New England was a lot better on both sides of the ball in week two, and the offense has shown progress. New England has a young team, and it’s very important that their young talent is able to develop week by week. The Patriots were able to get a much needed win in week two, and they have a tough game against the Ravens next week.

Seeing Mac Jones forming a consistent connection with Jakobi Meyers is very encouraging, considering Jakobi is the most consistent receiver for the Patriots. Jakobi recorded nine catches for 95 yards, and the connection between him and Mac is very promising, and Mac is getting the ball out to a variety of weapons. In general, fans should feel better about where the team stands, relative to themselves and the rest of the league.

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