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Where Five Players Of This AFC Team Outmatch The Buffalo Bills

There are five Miami Dolphins players that can outmatch the Buffalo Bills by position.

The Buffalo Bills are favored to make the Super Bowl this season. There’s no mistake about it. The Bills are loaded with talent on their roster. They have a great quarterback, an elite defensive front, good running backs, receivers, and a good secondary. But while they are a great team that’s expected to finish first in their division, the underrated Miami Dolphins do have five players that can outmatch them position by position.

Dolphins Have Players That Outmatch The Bills

The first of the five Dolphins players that could outmatch the Bills by position comparison is Tyreek Hill. When it comes to explosive plays from receivers, the only player Hill can be compared to on the Bills is Stefon Diggs. Both are elite wide receivers that have been selected to Pro Bowls. But where does Hill outmatch Diggs? As far as yards per reception, Hill has Diggs beat. Hill’s career yards per reception is 13.8 yards while Diggs’ is 12.4 yards.

Both Diggs and Hill can get down the field after the catch. So once the ball is in their hands, they still can be explosive. When it comes to sweeps, Hill has been utilized much more. Hill has 719 career rushing yards compared to Diggs’ 160 yards. As far as yards per touch, Hill has Diggs beat slightly with Hills 12.8 to Diggs’ 12.1. As far as speed, there should be no question that Hill is the fastest.

The second of the Dolphins players that outmatch Buffalo is Terron Armstead. Even though Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins has a bright future, making his first Pro-Bowl in 2021, Armstead does outmatch him. With Armstead holding the NFL Combine 40 yard dash record for offensive linemen with a time of 4.71 seconds, he is the fastest offensive lineman in the NFL. With his veteran wisdom of being in the league for almost ten years and being a three time Pro-Bowler, Armstead wins the matchup against Dawkins.

Probably one of the most overlooked and underrated cornerbacks in the NFL is Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard. There’s not a day goes by without some sports site flashing a graphic of the best corners in the NFL. Amazingly, many of those graphics exclude Howard only to show a player that really isn’t as good as Howard. In the past five seasons, Howard has 27 interceptions and has been selected to the Pro-Bowl three times. Although Bills corner Tre’Davious White is good, he has a long way to go before he catches up with the type of defensive stats Howard has produced. Howard wins this matchup with White.

When it comes to tight ends, there probably isn’t anyone on the Bills roster that will be able to outmatch Mike Gesicki. Every season Gesicki has been in the league, his stats improve from the previous season. He has been one of the more reliable tight ends the Dolphins have had in years. In the long run, he will be considered one of the better tight ends in the NFL. If he was to be compared to Dawson Knox or O.J. Howard, Gesicki wins the matchup.

Since it has already been determined that Hill outmatches Diggs, the remaining receivers for the Bills won’t outmatch Jaylen Waddle. In 2021, Waddle broke the rookie reception record with 104 receptions. Not only did he break a rookie record, he also had over 1,000 receiving yards during his rookie season. His speed is similar to Hill’s and he is faster than any of the receivers on the Bills, including Diggs. When it comes to the other receivers, Waddle has them outmatched.

The Bills are the odds favorite to make a Super Bowl appearance. But if these five Dolphins players can live up to how they match up, then the Dolphins have a legitimate chance of lowering that Super Bowl expectation for the Bills.


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