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Where Does Alabama Stand In The College Football Playoff?

The latest college football playoff rankings were just released. Preseason favorite, the Alabama Crimson Tide, found themselves on the outside looking in. Is there any chance they could slide into the College Football Playoff?

Current Rankings

  1. 1. Georgia

Last year’s national champion, Georgia, has found themselves with another 12-0 record entering the conference championship. The Bulldogs have relied on a dominant defense that has quieted opposing offenses, including Tennessee’s. Georgia will play LSU in the SEC Championship and should easily handle them. Even if they lose, Georgia will be in the College Football Playoff.

  1. 2. Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines are having another memorable season for the second consecutive season. This includes back-back years in which they beat their biggest rival, Ohio State. Michigan should have no issue beating 8-4 Purdue in the Big 10 Championship. The Wolverines may not have to face an SEC team in the playoff semifinal, which gives them a much better chance of winning it all.

  1. 3. TCU

TCU has been one of the bigger surprises in the 2022 college football season. The Horned Frogs have a perfect 12-0 record and are getting ready to face Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship. Kansas State had a 28-10 halftime lead the last time these two teams met, so anything is possible. However, TCU would likely have to lose big for either Ohio State or Alabama to move up.

  1. 4. USC

USC has climbed up the rankings as the season went on. The Trojans will face a tough Utah team in the PAC 12 championship. Utah escaped with a one-point win in October, so this game could go either way. A win should guarantee a playoff spot, but a loss would allow the teams below to move up.

  1. 5. Ohio State

Ohio State’s opportunity to play this weekend did not come because they lost to Michigan last week. The Buckeyes will remain idle in hopes one or more of the teams ahead of them slip up. If either TCU or USC loses, Ohio State could be in.

  1. 6. Alabama

Alabama will need a lot to happen to find themselves in the college football playoff. Georgia and Michigan are locks because of their perfect season so far. TCU and USC would both have to lose. Not only do they have to lose, but they also have to get blown out by their opponent. Ohio State would move up first, followed by Alabama.

It is tough to envision this happening, but it makes Alabama’s two losses even more painful. The Crimson Tide offense was sluggish most of the first half in their game against LSU. They finally woke up but just as their defense couldn’t stop anyone. Alabama got the ball first in overtime and scored a touchdown. LSU followed up with a touchdown and a two-point conversion to steal a one-point win. Had Alabama have won, they would be playing in the SEC Championship Game this weekend and the ability to control their own destiny for a playoff spot.

In Conclusion

Crimson Tide fans will sit back and hope for the best this weekend, but Alabama’s playoff hopes are all but finished. They are not 100% out but would need some crazy things to happen in conference championship weekend.

2022 was not the season Alabama and its fans were looking for. 2021 Heisman winner, QB Bryce Young, could not build upon his stellar season from a year ago. The defense was also not as dominant and could not produce the takeaways they should have. Head coach Nick Saban has a lot of decisions to make, but the Crimson Tide will be back. Many programs would dream of a 10-2 season and finishing sixth in the rankings.

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