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Where Do The Patriots Seem To Lie Compared To The Rest Of The NFL And The AFC After Their Season Ope

The Patriots don’t have the talent of the top teams in the NFL. How do they compare to other teams in the NFL?

Week one of the NFL is close to being complete. The Patriots had a sloppy game against the Dolphins, and they’re looking to rebound next week against the Steelers. While it is still early, there can still be some takeaways about how good an NFL team might be. Here is where New England ranks compared to other teams in the AFC, and the NFL.

Where the Patriots Stand Offensively

New England’s likely range of seeding is six through ten. They only scored one touchdown today, and they looked undisciplined offensively. New England doesn’t have the quarterback or receiving talent of the top teams in the NFL. If New England falls behind in a game, it’s an unlikely chance they they are able to make a comeback, due to their limited offensive talent. New England is around the ninth best team offensively in the AFC, and probably around the 14-17 range in the entire NFL. A true wide receiver one is needed in today’s NFL, and New England doesn’t have that.

Along with a lack of explosive offensive talent, the offensive coordinator is a massive question mark for the Patriots. Their offensive coordinator is likely Joe Judge or Matt Patricia, both were unsuccessful head coaches, and both of them don’t have much experience coaching offense. Furthermore, as they have in training camp, the offensive line struggled to protect Mac Jones and create good running lanes, leading to play breakdowns. The entire offense will be limited if that unit can’t get it together.

New England also has a young quarterback in Mac Jones, who had a relatively bad day going 21/30 for 213 yards, one touchdown and one interception. It’s not an ideal scenario giving a young quarterback a coordinator who doesn’t have much experience. Overall, the offense for New England is a massive unknown, and they’ll likely fall around average on the offensive end.

Where The Patriots Stand Defensively

New England had a good day on defense, they only allowed thirteen points. The Dolphins were able to get a defensive touchdown, which is what brought their total up to 20. New England has a talented young defense, with Bill Belichick coaching them up. New England is built in defense, and they will need to step up this season. The Patriots were able to generate three sacks against the Dolphins and get into the pocket numerous times.

Defensively, in the AFC the Patriots likely rank around the three to five range range in the AFC. New England will likely have a very good or elite defense this season. If their cornerbacks are able to develop, New England could very likely have a top five defense.

In the entire NFL, the Patriots likely rank around the five to six range. The Patriots’ defense is their strengths, and their defense looked really good against the Dolphins. New England has lots of young talent like Jack Jones, Marcus Jones, Kyle Dugger, Christian Barmore, and lots of others who can develop this year.


The Patriots are still a young team, and they will likely be inconsistent this season. The AFC has become more talented, but making the playoffs is still a possibility for New England, especially if their talent is able to develop. The game against the Dolphins was rough, but Bill Belichick will have his team ready for week two. A reason why the offense may have struggled is because they didn’t play Kendrick Bourne much. Kendrick Bourne is the Patriots best playmakers, and he is their most explosive receiver. Kendrick Bourne will need to see more playing time next week.

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