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Where Could Juan Soto End Up?

Who Exactly IS Juan Soto?

I’d be pretty shocked if you are reading this and unaware of who Soto is. But, Juan Soto is one of baseball’s youngest and brightest stars. He is currently the right fielder for the Washington Nationals, but many people speculate about how much longer that could be the case. Until last year’s trade deadline, the Nationals were a consistent playoff team and even won the World Series in 2019.

But, at the deadline, they traded all-stars Trea Turner, Max Scherzer, and Kyle Schwarber. They were practically leaving Juan Soto all alone in the capital. So, they tried to make him the highest-paid player in history, and he declined. He was showing again that he no longer wanted to play for the Nationals. We assume the Nationals want a haul for Soto, so where could he end up? Let’s find out.

Toronto Blue Jays

This would shake every American league team to its core. With Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichette, and Kevin Gausman, an already excellent roster could get more loaded. While they have this currently, they also have a solid farm system and some solid role players to package. If we saw Soto leave the US, we could see George Springer and a few prospects go to Washington in exchange. This would terrify the league.

While they are already playoff contenders now, they also have a bright future, as much of their core is built on young players. They’d have to give up Gabriel Moreno, Cavan Biggio, and another top prospect like Orelvis Martinez. The Nationals could probably continue to ask and get Springer or Teoscar Hernandez in the trade as well. But it is a possibility to see the Blue Jays make this trade.

Seattle Mariners

No one said they would be good destinations. Seattle hasn’t made the playoffs in two decades, which naturally means they have a loaded farm system. Would Soto like to be sent to Seattle? More than likely no, except to get away from the people who traded his whole team. But the front office for Washington definitely would, as Seattle is more fit to make a trade than almost any other team in the MLB. For starters, we know Washington will probably get at least three to four players in this trade, which could impact now or in the future.

We could see Ty France on the move to start. He has played way above what was expected and is having an all-star season. Now would be an excellent time for the Mariners to sell high. Next is the MLB’s steal leader, Julio Rodriguez. Another insanely high-tier prospect and the bulk of the trade. But to be fair, they’d be getting a future MVP. To end it, they also throw in a struggling Kelenic to sweeten the pot. He has struggled in Seattle but has crazy potential and could figure it out somewhere else.

New York Yankees

Whenever a big star is on the market for a trade, it seems like the Yankees are there to make an offer. But in this case, it is possible. If he wants a bigger market, it doesn’t get any bigger. Wants to be on a winner? They are the best team in the MLB right now. He already has no facial hair, meaning he won’t have to shave upon arrival. But what would it take to get Soto to the Bronx?

Well, a lot. They would likely have to start by giving up Anthony Volpe. Volpe is the number one prospect in the Yankees farm system and easily carries the most value of any prospect. Outside of possibly Jason Dominguez, aka “The Martian,” he got dubbed that after being seen and compared to Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout. Saying he can do anything on the field with ease. That probably wouldn’t be enough, and we would also have to say goodbye to Gleyber Torres. Torres was a part of the “Baby Bomber” team a few years ago and has been here since. But to make it work, an everyday starter would be needed./

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