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Where Could Donovan Mitchell Be Headed For The 2022 Season?

If Donovan Mitchell gets traded from the Utah Jazz, where is he going?

Donovan Mitchell Could Not Be Traded

As much fun as it is to speculate and predict where the players get traded, there is always a chance they don’t get traded. Completely ignoring that, I’ll be laying out the most likely destinations for Mitchell and what precisely the Jazz will be getting in return. We know the Jazz expect a massive haul after the Rudy Gobert trade, but let’s see what they will get. This deal could also be coming very soon, or not at all. Every report is saying something entirely different.

New York Knicks

What kind of Donovan Mitchell trade proposal list would this be if I didn’t include the Knicks? They have been the leading contenders and remain the main contenders in the sweepstakes. The Knicks have looked for a true face of their franchise since the decline and departure of Carmelo Anthony and the unfortunate injury and trading of Kristaps Porzingis. While RJ Barrett is incredibly promising, they want an exciting dunker to put buts into the seats of the most famous arena in the world.

With the addition of Jalen Brunson and the retaining of Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle, the Knicks could form a very solid starting five with a decent bench and make a playoff run. The question, however, is what will it cost. What will have to be given up in the trade for Donovan Mitchell that the Knicks have? Well, It’s pretty simple, but older Knicks fans won’t like it. So here is my predicition.

Jazz Receives: Quentin Grimes, Obi Toppin, 4 First Round Picks

Knicks Receive: Donovan Mitchell

Miami Heat

Miami is the other big contender in the sweepstakes for the young superstar. It feels like anytime a superstar is announced on the trade block, Miami and their fans are immediately in contention for them. This is proven by them also being heavily involved in the Kevin Durant trade rumors. But only one happens for the heat, as they just don’t have the assets for both. But after three deep playoff runs, they are missing a final piece. Butler and Adebayo are a great duo, but it is evident they need one more for them to contend.

The things that made Miami so lethal the past two seasons were shooting and great bench depth. But now, it is clear that it hasn’t worked. While I’m not saying you get rid of all your shooting, bring something else in. That being Donovan Mitchell. With it all that being said, what will it take for the Heat to get Donovan Mitchell?

Jazz Receives: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Omer Yurtseven, Three First Round Picks

Heat Receive: Donovan Mitchell

Philadelphia 76ers

This one would be shocking and shattering, wouldn’t it be? For this moment, James Harden has just taken a massive pay cut. While they are also heavily rumored to be in on Kevin Durant, Mitchell is far more obtainable and would fit better in their system. But that being said, the 76ers will still have to give up a lot. But it is clear they want to and have to win now. Mitchell helps with that while also being young enough to keep that window open longer. He fits perfectly next to Harden and runs along Joel Embiid.

The only thing is fans may not be overjoyed. This is because the players I have given up are a few fan favorites but are necessary for contracts and to make the trade logical. I do strongly believe it benefits both teams however.

Jazz Receive: Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle, Two First Round Picks

76ers Receive: Donovan Mitchell, Jordan Clarkson



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