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What To Expect From Hard Knocks: Off-Season Edition

While we still must wait a little less than two months for the 2024 NFL season to kick off. HBO came in clutch with a new season of Hard Knocks featuring the New York Giants. The Emmy-winning series will deliver its signature all-access coverage following General Manager Joe Schoen and the Big Blue for the first-ever: “Hard Knocks Off-Season” edition.


This popular HBO show has been going strong for over two decades, and they always seem to find new ways to keep the audience interested. For those who are unfamiliar with Hard Knocks. Where have you been for the last 23 years? Nevertheless, everything you need to know about the documentary series will be here.

Hard Knocks 2001- Present

This hard-hitting docu-series was created by Marty Callner in 2001. In the inaugural season, Hark Knocks kicked things off with the defending Super Bowl Champs, The Baltimore Ravens. They followed up in season two with a team that will probably never win a Super Bowl again, The Dallas Cowboys.

The show picks one franchise to follow (usually) during training camp to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the game on and off the field. Hard Knocks is a great way for viewers to get to know the players, coaches, and front office more intimately. The NFL is not all glam and glory, and Hard Knocks adequately depicts that.


As stated previously, the series usually follows a team during training camp. But in recent years, they decided to switch it up a bit. In 2021, Hard Knocks gave us the first in-season series featuring the Indianapolis Colts. It was gnarly to watch the games on Sunday and then get an inside look at the action the following Tuesday night.


Hard Knocks: In-season must have gone well because there have been two more since, the Arizona Cardinals in 2022 and the electrifying Miami Dolphins in 2023. But those clever folks over at HBO decided to give us another new edition, Hard Knocks: Off-Season.


Hard Knocks: Off-Season, What Happened, What's To Come

This edition of Hard Knocks is all about the New York Giants. The 2024 campaign will mark the Giant’s 100th season in the league, and we will have the chance to watch how the organization and players prepare for this historic campaign.


The first episode aired on July 2nd, considering it being an “Off-Season Edition.” The show started immediately after that awful 6-11 2023 campaign—a season filled with a little redemption but mostly disappointments, injuries, and heartbreak.


Of course, the biggest storyline of the night was Saquon Barkley. Out of the gates in episode one, GM Joe Shoen and the Giants organization discussed the future of the former Offensive Rookie of the Year. “As we keep going through our needs (cornerback, rusher, and a No. 1 WR, that running back keeps going down,” Shoen stated, giving some hints on what’s to come for the RB.


Then, we got an exclusive look at the progression of quarterback Daniel Jones’ rehabilitation from the torn ACL injury he suffered in Week 9 against the Las Vegas Raiders. Jones has suffered many injuries in his short career, which could also affect his future with the Big Blue franchise in the coming seasons. Luckily for the quarterback, he still has three more years left on his contract, and Shoen isn’t ready to hang up number 8’s jersey yet.


Shane Bowen Arrives In New York

The Giants were searching for a new defensive coordinator and found one in Shane Bowen. Bowen came from the Tennessee Titans, where he was DC from 2021 to 2023. He gave viewers the scoop on how he plans to turn that horrific defensive season around from last year. In the 2023 season, the Giants defense gave up the seventh-most points per game at 23.9 ppg.


What’s Next?

In this season of Hard Knocks, we will get a closer look at the off-season's defining moments, such as the Senior Bowl, the Combine, free agency, and, of course, the NFL Draft. There will be big questions, concerns, and big decisions in the Big Apple. You can catch the new episodes every Tuesday night on HBO for the rest of the season.

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