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What The Patriots Would Show With A Big Win Against The Bills

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

What would a win against the Bills show?

The Patriots have been slightly inconsistent every since Tom Brady’s departure. In their first year with Cam Newton they missed the playoffs, in the second year they made the playoffs, and now in the third year they are on the brink of making the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Bills have been on an upward trajectory since. With Josh Allen developing as a superstar the Bills see themselves as a Super Bowl contender. With both teams trying to win the AFC East, the Thursday night game is crucial. Here is what a New England Patriots win would show.

Patriots Are A Legit Playoff Team

New England doesn’t have the star talent of a Super Bowl contender, so they were overlooked this season. With a young quarterback and an inexperienced offensive coordinator in Matt Patricia, the offense has been very shaky for New England. In a time where the NFL has shifted towards offense, New England doesn’t have an elite one. If the Patriots’ offense is able to step up in this game, it would be a great building block going forward. New England’s offense has been very shaky, and Mac hasn’t looked the same since last year. However, how Mac Jones played against the Vikings was very promising. Another good game against a very talented Bills’ defense would be very promising from Mac.

With good coaching and lots of talent on the defensive end, New England was able to win six games. The Patriots are coached by one of the greatest defensive minds in NFL history, and they have lots of talent like Matthew Judon, Kyle Dugger, Jonathan Jones, and lots of other key pieces. The Bills have an electric offense, and New England’s defense has had a hard time against them recently. The Patriots’ defense wasn’t able to force the Bill’s offense to punt in the last two games, and the Bills were able to beat New England with relative ease.

If New England is able to beat the explosive Bills, it would show that New England is a viable playoff contender. New England doesn’t have a win against an elite team yet, and the beating the Bills would be a great sign moving forward. Beating the Bills would show that the Patriots can compete with the elite teams in the NFL, and that the defense is able to step up in key situations. This game would also be crucial for AFC East standings. All the teams in the AFC East are very close in standings.

Defense Can Play Against Speedy Offenses

New England’s defense last year played very poorly against faster offenses, especially the Bills. The linebacker trio of Kyle Van Noy, Jamie Collins, and Dont’a Hightower wasn’t successful against fast offenses. The Patriots’ defense struggled against good running backs as well, and it certainly needed to be addressed. In the off-season the Patriots departed with Kyle Van Noy, Dont’a Hightower, and Jamie Collins. They also traded for speedy linebacker Mack Wilson, and are giving Ja’Whuan Bentley a larger role.

The Patriots revamped their defense to be younger and faster, and this game is a great test to see whether it worked or not. Josh Allen gave the Patriots’ defense a lot of trouble last year, and the Bills haven’t punted a single time in their last two meetings. The faster and younger New England defense needs to step up in this game. New England has done a great job limiting offenses all year, and this would be a great test to see how elite the Patriots’ defense is.


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