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What's Next For The Struggling Bills Offense?

The Buffalo Bills fired OC Ken Dorsey following an embarrassing 22-24 loss at home against the Broncos. After what has already been a very inconsistent season, the Bills find themselves outside of the playoff picture with less than a 30% chance making it to the postseason. Aside from sloppy execution by the offense, this season has been full of inconsistent play-calling and questionable coaching decisions so far.

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Josh Allen spoke to the media after the news broke. He seemed to take responsibility for the firing, noting that if the offense had executed better so far, Dorsey would likely still be with the team.

Can The Bills Get Back To Form?

With Dorsey's dismissal, Buffalo made the move to have QB Coach Joe Brady take over the offense. Joe Brady was hired when Dorsey was promoted before last season. He was previously the offensive coordinator under Matt Rhule in Carolina and Co-Offensive Coordinator at LSU during the 2019 Joe Burrow season.

There are unlikely to be many changes in the offensive system this late into the season, so what kind of changes can the Bills hope to see under Brady?

Buffalo's play calling has been stale for a large part of the season without any sort of spark to it. If Brady can scheme receivers open and install plays to hit quick shots and utilize the middle of the field, it will be a great way to implement some rhythm into the offense.

The splits when Josh Allen is under center and using play action compared to in shotgun are . Under Dorsey, play action was only used a handful of times a game, limiting what Allen could don with the offense. If Brady can use more play action in his play calling, it could be a huge way to breathe new life into an uninspiring offense.

One of the biggest issues ailing the Bills offense the season has been turnovers. It feels like a Brady has notably been very big on ball security and giving the ball back to the other team. Ball security has to be a large part of the game plan and weekly install if the Bills want any chance to spark a run.

Admittedly, the Bills are currently a long way from being a contender and with how many good teams there are in the AFC, they'll likely struggle to make it to the playoffs. Josh Allen will have to play like an MVP for the rest of the season to give this Buffalo team a shot and the way Brady calls plays and coaches the offense will play a large part in the process.

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