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What Is The Eagles’ Biggest Trap Game?

The Philadelphia Eagles 2022 season will start on September 11th against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. This among the rest of the schedule looks very exciting for the Eagles. There is one notable trap game that the Eagles must be prepared for.

Possible Trap Games For The Eagles

Eagles fans might think that the Vikings Week 2 matchup is a trap game due to the Birds’ history against Minnesota. There are also the traditional NFC East opponents, but at this point, none of those games seem like trap games.

Another possibility is the Thursday Night Football road game to East Texas against the Houston Texans and a big road game out to the desert in Glendale against the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles should be able to handle the Texans while the Cardinals game can go either way.

A significant home game will be when the Tennessee Titans visit Philly in December. The Titans won the last meeting against the Birds in 2018. The showdown in December will be the AJ Brown Bowl, and it should be big for both teams looking at playoff spots. The Eagles traded a draft pick with the Titans for wide receiver A.J. Brown. Brown was deserving of a contract that he never got from Tennessee, but thankfully he is an Eagle now.

The Eagles’ Biggest Trap Game

The biggest trap game of the season for the Iggles will come on October 2nd in Philly. Former Super Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson will bring his Jacksonville Jaguars to The Linc. Pederson led the Eagles for five seasons with a 42-37-1 record and coached the Eagles to a Super Bowl LII victory over the Patriots.

The Jags might not come in with the best record, but Pederson will have a score the settle with the city he called home for so long. They should also have a healthier and more productive second-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence. He will also have his former Clemson teammate Travis Etienne to hand the ball to.

The Jaguars are not supposed to be a threat this year, but the Eagles cannot take them lightly. Doug Pederson will always be remembered for coaching the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win, but the Birds must do everything they can to defeat him that day.

In Conclusion

I am looking forward to year two under head coach Nick Sirianni, and I am glad that football is finally here. The Birds are very talented, and we look forward to seeing what the Eagles show on the field in 2022. I am very confident that the Birds have whatever it takes to win the NFC East this season, and I expect Jalen Hurts to have a breakout season in 2022.

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