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What Is Next For Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury is arguably the best heavyweight in Britain right now. He is coming off a dominant display against Derek Chisora last December. The fighter from Manchester currently holds the WBC Heavyweight Championship and is still undefeated. There has been a lot of speculation about who Fury will step into the ring with next. Many rumors have been circulating on social media about potential opponents for Fury.

Oleksandr Usyk Wants Fury

Usyk holds the WBO, WBA, IBF, and Ring Magazine belts. Like Fury, Usyk is an undefeated fighter with wins over Anthony Joshua and Tony Bellew. Not only has the 36-year-old won championships in the heavyweight division, but he also won belts at cruiserweight. There has been a lot of back and forth between these two fighters over social media. Both fighters have called each other out over contract negotiations. It looked like the fight would happen, yet it didn't, with people saying the split for the rematch was the straw that broke the camel's back. Looking at how the fight could play out, there have been a lot of questions about how Usyk's size compares to Fury's. Yet, due to his size, the Ukrainian fighter had to overcome this problem throughout his career. This suggests that the height and reach differences should be a minor factor. This fight would arguably be one of the biggest in boxing history as it would crown an undisputed heavyweight champion.

Is Anthony Joshua Next For Fury

Even though the two fighters are arguably the biggest in British boxing today, they have never met in the ring. They have gone back and forth on social media regarding a potential matchup for a while now. Joshua has been trying to return to the title picture, with his most recent win against Jermaine Franklin. It is difficult to see how the fight would play out because they are both big heavyweights with treacherous power. You would assume that Fury would go into the fight as a favorite. This is because Fury has a better pure boxing ability, which should give him the edge in the contest. Recently, Fury has said on social media that his team has sent a contract to Joshua. However, Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn has denied this. This fight would be massive for British boxing. It would also draw an enormous number of eyes from the boxing world as they are big names in the sport.

Demsey Mckean Could Be An Option

The Australian southpaw has been one of the names linked with being Fury's next opponent. Mckean is an undefeated fighter with a record of 22-0 with 14 knockouts. The 32-year-old is under the radar, as the mainstream audience does not know him well. Mckean is coming off a victory against Patrick Korte, where he won by knockout. It has been reported that there are talks between the two parties. Yet, Fury may be looking for the bigger fights against Usyk and Joshua, but you can't count out an undefeated fighter like Mckean as anything can happen in boxing.

No matter what happens, fans will tune into the fight as Fury is a joy to watch in the ring regardless of who he faces.


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