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What Important Change Are The Cleveland Browns Making For The 2022 Home Opener?

The Cleveland Browns are making some critical changes to the field for 2022. What will be featured and mid-field, and why was that decision made?

As we approach the home opener this weekend, the Cleveland Browns announced Tuesday that they would be dawning a new midfield logo for the 2022 season. A few weeks back, the organization created a poll online for Browns fans to vote upon with four options: two Browns helmet designs and two Brownie the Elf designs. After nearly 100,000 votes, it was decided that Brownie the Elf would make his long-awaited debut at midfield for the first time. 

A New Cleveland Browns Mascot?

It marks the first time since the 2016 season that Cleveland will play with a logo at the 50-yard line. So who is this Brownie the Elf? Well, to simply put it, he is the original franchise logo of the Cleveland Browns in the 1940s but was put on the shelf in the 60s when Art Modell took over the Browns because he deemed the design to look “childish.”

the people have spoken 🏟 — Cleveland Browns (@Browns) September 13, 2022

It was not seen until the late 90s when the Browns returned to the league and were the 2006 training camp logo. The “running Brownie” design that was chosen recently made its first appearance in the 2020 season when head coach Kevin Stefanski had the logo on a hoodie he was sporting. Since then, there has been a buzz to bring back Brownie the Elf, which is now a reality.

Cleveland Browns Executive Office Listening To Fans

“We wanted to engage our fans in the process. We wanted to get their involvement and hear what they had to say. We were able to pull off the new logo with the old-school Brownie logo,” said JW Johnson, executive vice president. “We love the helmet logo, but Brownie has been around for a long time. I think people enjoy him, and we haven’t showcased him as much as we’d like.”

Cleveland hopes the new Brownie logo can help inspire the team to back-to-back victories to begin the season. The Browns have not started the season 2-0 since 1993. After their significant 26-24 win over the Panthers, the Browns hope to continue the momentum against the New York Jets. In week one, the Jets could not overcome Lamar and the Baltimore Ravens, losing the game 24-9.  

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