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What If Mike Vrabel Decided To Coach Michigan

Let's pretend here for a second: Jim Harbaugh takes an NFL head coaching job, takes all his staff with him, and Michigan needs a new head coach. 

Mike Vrabel is on the market after being fired from the Tennessee Titans last week, and what if Michigan gives the former Buckeye a call? 

Many Buckeye fans have been screaming for Vrabel to come back and coach the Buckeyes since Ryan Day can't find a way to beat Michigan; what if Vrabel does get hired in this rivalry, but it's on the other side? 

I'm not saying this would happen, and there's probably only a 1% chance it would, but if Michigan needs a coach and they call Vrabel and offer him a huge bag, he can't turn down anything is possible. 

Vrabel will most likely take an NFL head coaching job, but if something crazy happens and he doesn't get one and Michigan gives him a call, would he slam that thing down in a second, or would he at least have a conversation? 

It would take Michigan to give him the highest coaching contract in sports history to get him to keep listening to their offer, but if Vrabel is on the market and Michigan gives him an offer he can't turn down, then who knows what he would do? 

Vrabel has spent time in the college football coaching ranks. Still, college is something other than his thing, and that's one of the reasons why we will never see him coach at that level again. Still, maybe he sees that Alabama head coach Nick Saban retired, Jim Harbaugh left for the NFL, Dabo Swinney at Clemson has no pulse, Ryan Day has yet to figure it out, and Kirby Smart at Georgia is the only coach you have to go through at the moment to win it all. 

We all know Michigan will try to make some big-time hires, and you know they would call a former Buckeye and try to make him say no. 

Again, this is all fantasy land and most likely will never happen, but since Mike Vrabel is on the open market and Michigan could be getting a new head coach soon, it was just something to bring up and show there could be a slight possibility this could happen. 

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