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What If Dez Bryant Caught It?

In the history of the National Football League, there have been many controversial plays that are unforgettable. But one of the most famous plays happened nearly a decade ago.

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Dez Bryant's Infamous No-Catch

In 2015, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys caught a 31-yard pass on fourth down in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers, which would have given Dallas instant goal-to-go opportunity and a chance to take the lead. Instead, Packers' coach Mike McCarthy challenged the play and it was overruled as the officials noted that Bryant bobbled the ball and did not complete the catch despite getting both feet in bounds.

Many NFL fans have had mixed reactions to this call with most agreeing that it should be a catch. With just under five minutes left, Green Bay got the ball and ran out the clock and sending Bryant and the Cowboys home.

The Cowboys Could Have Been Super Bowl Champions

So what would have happened had Dez caught it? It would be very likely that Dallas would have scored a touchdown as they trailed 26-21 entering that drive. Assuming they also got the two-point conversion, Green Bay would have had four minutes and change to score down 29-26.

It was very likely that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers could have tied the game or even gotten a touchdown to take the lead. But let's assume that the Cowboys hold on to win the game. The 'Boys would have headed to Seattle to face the first-seeded Seahawks. Both teams finished 12-4 despite Seattle being ranked #1 and Dallas #3.

This would have been Dallas' first NFC Championship Appearance since 1995. Both teams had played each other in the regular season with the Cowboys defeating the Seahawks 30-23 on the road. Seattle famously defeated the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in overtime after coming back from a 19-7 deficit in the fourth quarter and went on to lose to the New England Patriots 28-24 in Super Bowl XLIX. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks did not play their best game and were lucky to come out with a victory.

It is likely the Cowboys would have won and faced the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. While Dallas did not play New England in the regular season, the team went undefeated in all four AFC matchups in the regular season. It is very possible that Dallas could have ended the season as Super Bowl champions.

How Did It Impact Dez Bryant?

As for Dez Bryant, he only played two more years with the Cowboys before being released in 2017. He later played for the New Orleans Saints in 2018 and last played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2020. If Dez had caught it, would he have still been in the league? Would he and the Dallas Cowboys be Super Bowl champions? It's one of the many "What Ifs?" in the NFL that we will never know the answer to.

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