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What Does New York Football Need?

After a fairly disappointing season, the New York Jets and Giants have again shown how mediocre our men’s sports scene has become (our WNBA, NWSL, and PWHL are killing it). With injuries plaguing the quarterbacks of both teams, they had to resort to their backup quarterbacks for most of their seasons. Offensively, both of these teams were bad, but it’s hard to blame them when they are missing two key factors to a good offense; a stellar starting quarterback and a competent offensive line.

Offensive Line

I do not want to put all the blame on this disappointing season on the quarterback, as he is only one part of the puzzle. However, the offensive line is what wins and loses games. The reason Aaron Rodgers immediately got injured (other than the fact that he is older than most) is that the offensive line folded as soon as the play started and Rodgers was no longer protected. 

This same problem happened with the Giants. Yes, Daniel Jones’ injury was a non-contact injury; however, this was due to him having to scurry away from the defensive line since the offensive line could not hold them back. Right before he falls with an injury, a defensive lineman immediately gets around the offensive line and almost sacks Jones. These linemen are very talented people, however, they need to focus on keeping the line together, or these teams need younger and stronger linemen.


These teams also need another quarterback option. The NFL was plagued with many quarterback injuries this year, however, these teams were hit the hardest by their injuries. With Rodgers tearing his Achilles tendon, Zach Wilson was back starting for the Jets, which they were hoping to avoid all season. Daniel Jones is also not the greatest quarterback in the league, but due to his injury, Tommy DeVito became the starting quarterback for the Giants. These teams need big-name quarterbacks that are young and creative. Rodgers is no longer in his prime, and yet he has the Jets in a chokehold.

The Giants have needed a new quarterback for years, and this could be the year they turn their bad luck around.

Hopefully, these teams learned many lessons from this past season and can incorporate younger and better players into next year's roster. While I am not the biggest fan of New York Football, I would like to be proud of my hometown teams. These needs are also obvious to the casual viewer, so they should also be obvious to the front office as well.


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