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What Could Tee Higgins Market Look Like?

Wide Reciever Tee Higgins becomes eligible for an extension after this season. With how the market is looking and developing year by year for NFL wideouts, Higgins could be in tune with a huge payday, whether that’s with the Cincinnati Bengals or elsewhere.

The main goal is for the Bengals to agree on a long-term deal after this season with Higgins before he even has the chance of hitting the market in 2024. However, it may not be that easy. Tee may want to test free agency, and rightfully so with how the market is going, there could be a big jump from one year to the next salary-wise.

Higgins will likely be looking for a long-term deal over four to five years with incentives and guaranteed money, and he deserves that. Especially if he takes another leap this next season and becomes viewed as a potential wide receiver number one, teams will pay him like that.

Potential Market For Higgins

With the receiver market going the way it is, Tee Higgins could be in store for a very nice payday, especially by the next off-season when the cap is expected to rise, and the market could expand even more. But, Cincy Jungle broke it down.

The wide receiver market exploded when the Jacksonville Jaguars gave Cristian Kirk a four-year $72 million contract this offseason. Since then, players like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill have demanded trades to go to teams willing/able to give them contracts to beat that.The cap will be going up in the next few seasons. However, it will be interesting to see how Cincinnati navigates how they will use the cap space left after a monster contract for Burrow.

Over the first two years of Tee Higgins career with the Cincinnati Bengals, he has had highly consistent and successful numbers, which is the main reason he is finally getting the recognition he deserves across the NFL. In his rookie season, he had 67 receptions, 908 receiving yards, six touchdowns, and a 62% catch/drop percentage. Last season Higgin improved in every statistical category. He logged 72 catches, 1,091 receiving yards, six touchdowns and 14.7 yards per reception.

What we should expect from Higgins in 2022/23

If Tee stays consistent with what he has done over his first two seasons in the NFL then he could see drastic improvements once again and find himself in the 80 catch,1150 yard, and 7-8 touchdown range which then would boost his market even more. Teams will start clearly viewing him as a guy who can be a wide receiver one on most rosters in the league.

With Ja’Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd on the roster, along with having a reliable running back like Joe Mixon who sees a lot of touches each game, Higgins numbers will never be inflated. But him putting up the numbers above while having an 1,000 yard rusher, 1,200 yard receiver and a slot wide out who is capable of surpassing 800 yards with ease speaks volumes to how good Tee Higgins really is. Teams around the league will see that and offer him accordingly. Cincinnati will be need be extremely savvy with how they distribute and manage there salary cap over the next 2-3 seasons.

The Bengals are currently in a really good spot. It seems as if they will have roughly $15 million roll over into next season and once guys like Vonn Bell and others hit free agency with the anticipation that the salary cap will rise year by year, it should pave the way for the Bengals to have some money to spend. Joe Burrow will be the number one priority but depending on the deal he takes, the Bengals could find themselves deciding between Tee Higgins and Logan Wilson as the next guy in line to get a big pay day.

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