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Week Two Bold Predictions: Vikings At Eagles

The Eagles are the only team in the league to score 38 and the fans are displeased. The defense was subpar in the run game and nearly allowed a 17-point comeback in the fourth by the Lions. With the Vikings coming into the city this week, a much better show will need to be on display. Here are the Week Two bold predictions.

Bold Predictions Part One: Devonta Smith Returns

The second-year wide receiver Devonta Smith had no catches in the season opener. Don’t bet on that happening again and especially in this game. Like his partner A.J. Brown did last week, Smith will reel in 150+ yards and add on two scores. Smith is already due for a huge performance and looks to pick up where he left off last season.

Smith will need to have a game like this to make the difference between these teams. Justin Jefferson and Brown will be going back and forth, but if Smith can step up to the plate, the Eagles’ offense can outlast this Vikings team.

Devonta Smith Stats: 11 targets, eight catches, 156 yards, and two touchdowns.

Bold Predictions Part Two: Slay the Jefferson

Jefferson did his usual thing against the Packers. The star wideout casually racked up 184 yards and two touchdowns in the Vikings’ dominating win against last year’s one seed. Darius Slay is looking to have better performance and takes on the challenge of the All-Pro Wide Receiver.

Slay will cover Jefferson for a majority of the snaps and hold him to under 50 yards and no scores. While James Bradberry will also get a crack at Jefferson, all eyes are on Darius Slay to handle this one.

Darius Slay Stats: Four tackles, two passes defended.

Bold Predictions Part Three: Reagor Wins It For The Eagles

Never heard that line before. These wouldn’t be bold predictions if we were not going all in. Jalen Reagor will help the Eagles win the game for the first time in his career by fumbling a punt with the Vikings down a score. This will give the Eagles a short field and take a two-score advantage. The room for mistakes is little to none with these two NFC juggernauts.

Jalen Reagor Stats: One Fumbled Punt.

Final Thoughts

Could all of these happen in this game? Absolutely but the idea of there being a shootout and Jefferson being shut down is low. Jefferson is the engine of the Vikings’ offense and if Slay can shut him down, this should be an easy win for the Eagles. Will Jalen Reagor actually get in to make this happen? Hard to say. Devonta Smith going from zero to hero in one week? Book it.

Were these bold predictions hot enough or should we up the temperature? Do you see any of these coming to fruition? Check out our latest content and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more Eagles coverage.

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