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Week Four Bold Predictions: Jaguars At Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have been red hot to start the year. Last week, they hit on one of the bold predictions. The defensive line got to Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz nine times after predicting 7+ sacks.

The Eagles had an excellent performance by the defensive line and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts surpassed the passing yards mark set for him and had zero turnovers as expected. While he fell short in some categories, he still played to the standard of being the NFC Offensive Player of the Month. Let’s get into our Week Four bold predictions.

Bold Predictions Part One: Ground And Pound

Sunday looks like it could be a wet one. This could force the Eagles into their 2021 ground-and-pound attack. While the Eagles will be without running back Boston Scott, Miles Sanders and Kenneth Gainwell will step up in a big way. The backfield duo will combine for 175+ rushing yards and two touchdowns while Hurts adds on 40+ yards and a score. The Eagles have shown they can beat teams through the air and the ground, but a messy game will require this backfield to step up.

Miles Sanders stat line: 17 carries, 122 yards, one touchdown.

Kenneth Gainwell stat line: 10 carries, 59 yards, one touchdown.

Jalen Hurts rushing stat line: 9 carries, 45 yards, one touchdown.

Bold Predictions Part Two: Getting To TLaw

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is the opposite of Wentz in terms of pocket presence. Lawrence stands tall and evades pressure like they’re flies. Brandon Graham and his group will be tested, but they will stand tall. This group will have another 5+ sack performance despite a run-heavy day and a poised Lawrence. Brandon Graham will rack up another two sacks while Josh Sweat, Jordan Davis, and Fletcher Cox get one a piece. This would be Davis’ first career sack.

Bold Predictions Part Three: You Want Philly Philly?

Bold predictions against your former super bowl winning head coach can get crazy. Head coach Nick Sirianni will give Hurts the green light to run a quarterback catch play. Hurts will get the snap then hand it to Sanders. Sanders will flip it behind to wide receiver Devonta Smith, who will deliver a slightly underthrown ball to Hurts. Hurts’ athletic ability makes up for it, and he will still pick up 15 extra yards after the catch. This play would be a grand gesture to Doug Pederson, who has his statue right outside the building.

Final Thoughts

These bold predictions feel possible every time the Eagles play football. If they win this one, these will turn into Madden stat lines, but why complain about that? Expect a tough fight from the Jaguars. They turned it around, so far, this season, but the Eagles take care of business in Philadelphia 28-20.

Were these bold predictions hot enough or should we up the temperature? Do you see any of these coming to fruition? Check out our latest content and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for more Eagles coverage.



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