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Week Five Preview: Key To Giants Verses Packers In London

Can the Giants pull off the upset in London? Will the running game be the only thing the Giants can count on for offensive production? Will Daniel Jones be able to start for them at QB, if not who will start at QB? Can this Giants defense contain Aaron Rodgers and the rest of this Packers offense?

Giants Break Down

The Giants go into this game with a surprising 3-1 record. The Giants’ offense has primarily benefited from the run game. The passing game really hasn’t helped in any of their three victories. The defense has bent but hasn’t been broken through four games. Saquon Barkley has been the star of this Giants’ time through four games. To start the year, his return to greatness has been the story about the Giants in these four games.

Packers Break Down

The Packers go into this game with the same record. The Packers have struggled in the passing game this year. The reason Green Bay struggled to start the year was because of their new young wide receivers that have had heavy playing time this year. Despite this setback, the Packers are tied for first in NFC North. While the Packers’ offense is still adjusting to their young playmakers, this is an offense and team that should be respected.

This is the first time that the Packers have gone to London to play a regular season game in the history of the NFL. The Giants and Packers will most definitely be affected by the elements of playing overseas, but I think the Giants might have more of an advantage because the run game is easier to carry overseas, than the passing game which can sometimes involve tricky concepts (which is hard to remember with lack of sleep due to travel/jet leg). While it is an advantage, it is a slight advantage and one that probably not be noticed.

What Has To Go Right On The Offensive Side Of The Ball

On the offensive side of the ball, the run game needs to work as it has in recent weeks. The Giants are struggling to generate any offense outside of the run game so it will be up to Barkley, Matt Breida, and Gary Brightwell to carry the load. The Green Bay Packers aren’t very good at defending the run, allowing 131 yards per game. Look for Barkley to have a big game.

At QB, I am not really sure who is gonna play. It seems like Daniel Jones (Ankle) and Tyrod Taylor (concussion) might be out this week. This leaves the Giants with no QBs on the active roster. They could sign someone but the options are limited. Davis Webb, who is on the practice squad may be the answer if both QBs are unable to play. Even if Jones is able to play, I really don’t see the passing game being that much of a threat this week for the Giants.

Currently, the only healthy Giants wide receivers are Darius Slayton, David Stills, and Richie James. Wan’Dale Robinson (Knee), Kadarius Toney,(hamstring), and Kenny Golladay (knee) may play this week but currently, they are listed as questionable. Even if all three players return from injury, I wouldn’t really expect anything out of those three players besides Robinson. The rookie could be used on a jet sweep option or any short route pattern because of his speed, but I wouldn’t expect any deep plays from him during the game in London.

The offense will have a tough time passing the ball anyway because Green Bay has allowed the third least passing yards (only allowing 168 passing yards per game). The game plan this week will include a lot of the ground game.

What Has To Go Right On The Defensive Side Of The Ball

On the defensive side of the ball, the matchup to watch will be the Giants’ defensive line vs the Packers’ offensive line. The best matchup will be Kayivon Thibodeaux vs David Bakhtiari. Bakhtiari is one of the best offensive linemen in all of football. Thibodeaux had a good week last week but this week is his hardest matchup yet. As already stated, Bakhtiari is one of the top players in his position so I think that Azeez Ojulari will have a better game than the young rookie.

If Leanord Williams is able to play that will be huge for this team. Having the duo of Williams and Dexter Lawerence will make it much harder for the Packers’ offensive line to block them. I would look for Lawerence to have a great game defending against the run (which will be led by Aaron Jones). While the battle of the trenches will be interesting playmakers vs secondary will be the opposite of that.

The Giants’ secondary isn’t very good, if you have been following the Giants you know this. What you don’t know if you haven’t been paying attention to the rest of the NFL is that the playmakers for the Packers are very young and have a lot of learning to do. Romeo Dubbs is the Packers wide receiver number 1, I would expect Addroe Jackson to handle this matchup. On the other side,I would expect Darney Holmes/Aaron Robinson to be somewhat solid against Allen Lazard. I would expect the same for Cobb.

The one playmaker that the Packers have that worries me slightly is Robert Tonyan. Tonyan is one of the better tight ends in the league. Although Tonyan will create problems, it is probably something Xavier Mckinney and Julian Love can handle. When it comes to the inside linebackers for the Giants, I don’t really think they will help a lot, but I think the Giants don’t really need a lot from them. All I think the Giants need from them this week is to clean up anytime Aaron Jones gets past the line of scrimmage and keeps Rodgers in the pocket. I expect them to do exactly that.

Although it seems like the Packers’ offense might be a little easy, I am never gonna say playing against an Aaron Rodgers-led offense is easy. Therefore, I am still betting on this offense to score around in the 20s, with at least two or three touchdowns.

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I predict that the Packers will win this game, 24-14. While I think that the Giants’ offense will have some success, I just don’t think they will be able to keep up with this packers offense. There are only two ways I can see the Giants winning this game. Barkley could go off and produce enough for them to score multiple touchdowns or the defense holds the packers to within 17 points or less.

While it certainly is possible, as the Bucs did it in the Packers’ week 3 win, I just don’t think the Giants have a good enough defense to do that. I will say that if the Giants are able to pressure on the QB, through Thibodeaux, Ojurlari, Lawerence, and (Leonard) Williams (if he is healthy enough to play), I do think the Giants will have a good enough shot to win this game. I just don’t trust the secondary enough, even though the Packers don’t have the greatest receiving corps.



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