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Fascinating NFL Week One Winners and Losers

Now that Week One has come and gone, the NFL season is officially here. I'll be taking a deep dive into the winners and losers of Week 1, with so many exciting games like the Chargers vs. Dolphins, disappointing play from a guy who just got paid, and an impressive performance from a certain offensive unit lurking from the shadow so stay tuned with yours truly to find out more.

Loser: Joe Burrow

With so much excitement heading into the Bengals vs. Browns, Joe Burrow became the highest-paid player in the NFL earning a five-year 275-million dollar contract extension to kick off the NFL season.

Unfortunately for Joe Burrow, the Bengal's offense didn't even manage to reach 100 yards passing, and as a whole, they barely combined for over 150 yards something I and others didn't see coming to start the NFL season.

The Brown's defense did almost everything possible to slow down Joe Burrow and company, holding wide receiver Ja'marr Chase to five catches, 39 yards receiving, and no touchdowns

Along with the offensive line that gave up two sacks. Holding the offense to just three points and only converting two or fifteen on third down the only saving grace is there were no turnovers by the Bengals.

Now with that said hopefully the Bengals can bounce back in week two against the Ravens who struggled on offense last week as well while their defense managed to rack up five sacks something the Bengals cannot allow if they want to win this Sunday.

Losers: Justin Fields and D.J. Moore

The Bears entered the NFL offseason this year with a vision in plan, trade the first-overall pick of the NFL draft, acquire more future picks, and get Justin Fields a number one receiver. Well, they did all that when they got D.J. Moore from the Panthers in the big haul they got from trading away the first-overall pick. Unfortunately, Moore only managed to catch two passes for 25 yards he also made those two receptions on the same drive struggling to get open for most of the game.

It also doesn't help when the offensive line gives up four sacks and your quarterback has the most rushing yards for the game from scrambling out of the pocket. Fields struggled making some questionable throws, not managing to score a touchdown till late in the third quarter, and throwing a pick-six early in the fourth led to the Bear's demise in Week One of the NFL.

If the Bears wanna win in the NFL D.J. Moore and Justin Fields need to be clicking on all cylinders if they wanna win this week against the Buccaneers, who upset the Vikings last week. I hope to see at least 80 yards receiving and one touchdown to D.J. Moore and no, I'm not just saying that because Moore is on my fantasy football team.

Winner: Tua's Mental Health

Last year was a little rough for Dolphins' quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who suffered a series of concussions even at one point considering retirement. Luckily NFL fans and the Dolphins Tua got healthy and didn't retire.

This past week the Dolphins played the Chargers in week 1 of the NFL the result was Miami won 36-34 in a thrilling back-and-forth game but the best part of the game for the Dolphins was the offensive line gave up no sacks ultimately I can see that the Jujitsu training is working.

Tua threw to Tyreek Hill all day and was rewarded with 11 receptions, 215 receiving yards, and 2 touchdowns the cheetah was running all day long. Nobody could cover him just like the rest of the NFL, as much as this hurts my soul to say Tua was making so many big-time throws all day even when he was on the run that touchdown to Tyreek in the back of the endzone to take the lead late in the fourth quarter couldn't have been thrown any better my compliments to the chef on that one.

Winner: Patriots Fans And Mac Jones

Yes that's right I'm including the Patriots fans in this one, with how awful it was to watch the offense last year we've earned it. With Bill O'Brien now calling the offensive plays the Patriots actually looked like an NFL offense against the Eagles, while they didn't start off so hot with a pick-six early and fumble although the pick could possibly be due to some rain rather than the wrong throw. The Patriots might not have lost but gained a moral victory going head-to-head against a team that was just in the Super Bowl.

Mac Jones started off slow but finished strong even at one point completing at least ten passes in a row throwing two touchdowns in that process. While not every pass was pretty he made the right plays when needed and if weren't for rookie Kayshon Boutte thinking he was still in college only getting one foot inbounds on fourth down at the end of the game Patriots might start off Week One of the NFL with a win instead of a lose.

With the offense line not generating enough space for the run game, it was all up to Mac Jones to show doubters from last year what he was capable of. He threw for 316 passing yards, and 3 touchdowns against two of the NFL's more elite corners in the league Darius Slay and James Bradberry, even turning Hunter Henry back into his formal self.

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