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We Need To Start Giving This Man Credit For The Chiefs Dynasty

It should come as no surprise that every news outlet is covering the glory and dominance of Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid amidst the current Chiefs Dynasty. There's also plenty of attention being paid to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, as expected. But there's one guy who built an extremely talented team time and time again.

Chiefs' general manager Brett Veach was officially hired as the general manager in 2017, and has done a remarkable job.

He was hired after the 2017 draft, when they selected Patrick Mahomes with their first round draft pick, but was instrumental in putting the Texas Tech quarterback on their radar.

Veach fell in love with Mahomes and now looks like a genius. He's also built a great cast around him through the draft and free agency. They've hit on many draft picks, re-signed pivotal pieces, and pieced together great football teams.

He's not someone who gets a ton of light shined on him with all the other stars that Kansas City has to offer, but he deserves a ton of credit.

How Veach Built The Chiefs Dynasty

The Chiefs reached the mountain top of their sport in the 2019 season defeating the 49ers to win their first Super Bowl since 1970. The real challenge to maintain success began after that.

They lost to Tampa Bay the following year and set out to rebuild the offensive line. They got aggressive and built what has been one of the best front fives in the league. They still weren't a complete team, as they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship the next year.

Edge George Karlaftis and cornerback Trent McDuffie have become great draft selections early in the draft. They also added running back Isiah Pacheco in the seventh round.

Through free agency and the draft, they rebuilt a lineup that's littered with great players while remaining under the cap.

Many people wondered if they could build a Super Bowl roster with Mahomes making over $50 million a year. Well they proved that theory wrong.

Veach has yet to win NFL Executive of the year, which is insane given their massive success. Give this man his flowers for the Chiefs winning their third Super Bowl in five years.



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