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Ways This Super Bowl 57 Victory Impacts This Players Legacy

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl 57 champions, folks. This is their second title in four seasons and their third overall. Patrick Mahomes, even on one leg and a “rebuilt offense,” managed to take this team to the promise land.

Winning titles is also something that contributes to a player’s legacy. Tom Brady set the bar by winning seven titles. Patrick Mahomes joined a rare group of players with multiple MVPs and titles. So where does a second title put Mahomes legacy on the all-time list? Let’s discuss this.

Two Super Bowls Put Mahomes In The Top 15

It isn’t easy to win one title, but now Mahomes has his second title. At only 27 years old, Mahomes has captured two MVPs and two Super Bowl MVPs. I think winning a second title puts Mahomes into the top 15 without question. Winning multiple titles is a category that has only the elite in it.

Being one of only 13 starting quarterbacks with multiple titles puts him in close company with guys like Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, or John Elway. He might not be near Brady’s level, but Mahomes has put his name on a list of names that are only mentioned as all-time greats.

Playoff Stats Puts Mahomes In The Top Ten

In 14 career playoff games, Mahomes has 4,084 passing yards which are already tenth all-time. He also has 352 completions which is also tenth all-time in playoff history. Mahomes is also now eighth all-time in touchdowns in the playoffs with 35. So where do these numbers put him at all-time in the playoffs now?

Well, Mahomes is a top-15 playoff performer with just his titles. With Mahomes being top ten in this many playoff categories in only 14 games, this cracks him into the top ten. Sure winning Super Bowls helps a legacy, but when you dominate major passing categories at only 27 years old, your legacy will grow.

Longevity Should Be A Top Priority For Mahomes

What put Brady far ahead of his competition was that he played 20 years in the NFL. When you spend that much time perfecting your craft and adding to your stat line, eventually, you separate yourself from the rest of the field. If Mahomes can figure out how to preserve himself physically, he will play for many years.

I see that Mahomes cannot go two or three years between this Super Bowl and his next one. If he wants to remain on pace with Brady, he has to win multiple titles with only a one-year gap between them. Mahomes is on an incredible run already, with five AFC title appearances and three Super Bowl appearances. If he keeps this up, he will surely pass Brady if all goes according to plan.

Final Thoughts On Mahomes’ Legacy

Is Patrick Mahomes the greatest quarterback to play the game? No, it is still Tom Brady and will be forever. Is Mahomes the best quarterback in the NFL currently? There is no question that Mahomes is the best right now.

With his two Super Bowl titles, league MVPs, and Super Bowl MVPs, we are witnessing the start of something special. Will it end in Mahomes being the best ever to play the game? Maybe. Until we see Mahomes stand alone with only Brady ahead of him, admire what he is doing and cheer for him to continue being successful.

Sincerely, a Cowboys fan that knows when to recognize greatness when it is playing out in front of him.



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