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Way-To-Early 2025 NFL Super Bowl Predictions

The biggest game of the year is finally here! The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will face off in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas for the right to be champion of the 2023-24 NFL Season. But is it too early to look ahead to Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans? With an exciting free agency and draft ahead, here are some way too early predictions. Who will win Super Bowl 59?

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American Football Conference Prediction

Bold indicates playoff spot.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals reclaim division title (12-5)

Baltimore Ravens fail to make it back to AFC championship game (10-7)

Steelers once again secure winning record (9-8)

Cleveland Browns fall short of playoffs (8-9)

AFC South

Houston Texans are a top two seed in the AFC (12-5)

Indianapolis Colts return to the playoffs (10-7)

Jacksonville Jaguars have another disappointing season (8-9)

Tennessee Titans see growth from Will Levis (6-11)

AFC East

Buffalo Bills win division once again (11-6)

New York Jets fall short of ending playoff drought (9-8)

Miami Dolphins only win nine games (9-8)

New England Patriots have another rebuilding year (6-11)

AFC West

Kansas City's third-straight Super Bowl bid falls short (12-5)

Los Angeles Chargers make playoffs under Harbaugh (10-7)

Las Vegas Raiders win nine games (9-8)

Denver Broncos start the rebuild (6-11)

AFC Championship Prediction: Bengals over Chiefs

There has not been very many quarterbacks able to stop Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. But Joe Burrow is one of them. He defeated them in the AFCCG in 2022 en route to his first Super Bowl appearance. While the Chiefs look dangerous entering 2024, the Bengals will remind everyone that Joey Franchise is back!

National Football Conference Predictions

Bold indicates playoff spot.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers reclaim as kings of the North (12-5)

Detroit Lions follow up with back-to-back playoff appearances (10-7)

Minnesota Vikings keep Kirk Cousins and go all-in (9-8)

Chicago Bears gain ground but still fall short (8-9)

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers squeeze in once again with Mayfield (10-7)

Atlanta Falcons come up short under Raheem Morris (8-9)

New Orleans Saints finish in the middle of the pack (7-10)

Carolina Panthers see improvement from Bryce Young (6-11)

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles reclaim the division title (10-7)

Dallas Cowboys fall short of expectations again (9-8)

Washington Commanders sees growth under new ownership (7-10)

New York Giants look to find an identity (5-12)

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers returns back to the Super Bowl (13-4)

Los Angeles Rams try to make the playoffs again (9-8)

Arizona Cardinals have a good year under Kyler Murray (9-8)

Seattle Seahawks miss the playoffs for the second-straight year (7-10)

NFC Championship Prediction: 49ers over Packers

It seems to be inevitable that the Packers and 49ers meet. Unfortunately this rivalry is one-sided as San Francisco is the best team in the NFC and should be just as great next season. While we are still two weeks away from the Super Bowl, the 49ers could be eying back-to-back championships or still searching for their first title in decades.

NFL Super Bowl LIX: 49ers 23, Bengals 20

In a Super Bowl rivalry rematch, the 49ers and Brock Purdy will take down Joe Burrow and the San Francisco 49ers. Another NFC West team taking down Cincinnati, the 49ers defense will get to Burrow just like the Rams did, and Shanahan will outcoach Zac Taylor to bring the Lombardi to Santa Clara.

What do you think about these predictions? How bad will they be next February? Only time will tell, but it's always fun to predict the next Super Bowl.

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