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Vikings Draft Lewis Cine Safety Georgia

After trading down from #12 to #32 the Vikings draft Lewis Cine, safety from Georgia. The Vikings had a need at safety opposite Harrison Smith. Cine was rated as the second-best safety in the draft by most draft experts.

Vikings Draft Lewis Cine

Vikings Pass on Kyle Hamilton

The Vikings could have stayed a #12 and drafted Kyle Hamilton, who is thought to be a generational talent at safety by some. However, Cine and Hamilton are very contrasting players. Hamilton is taller, heavier, and more versatile being able to play multiple roles. Cine possesses average size but has above average speedrunning a 4.37,40.

Cine also fits a more traditional safety role better than Hamilton. One downside for Hamilton is due to his size, he’s slow for safety and lacks short-area quickness. This makes him less able to cover smaller, quick wide receivers. Cine, on the other hand, possesses the speed and short-area quickness to be more able to cover wide receivers.

The Fit With Harrison Smith

Smith can play both safety spots well but Cine is thought to be more well suited as a strong safety. This would leave Smith to roam in the free safety role. We will have to see which safety position each is in when the season starts as Cine may show he’s capable at free safety as well.



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