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USWNT vs. Brazil: An Unsatisfying Win To Conclude Inaugural Gold Cup

When looking at the starting lineup for this game, I genuinely thought that the USWNT would not win. The lineup looked very similar to the starting lineup of the USWNT vs. Mexico game, which they lost 2-0. Nevertheless, I sat down for 90 minutes and expected a fast-paced and clinical game by both sides. While the USWNT won 1-0 over Brazil, this game was poorly played.

The State Of The Game

During the first 15 minutes of the game, I was bewildered as to what the USWNT’s strategy was. It seemed like the players were moving aimlessly, just trying to watch what Brazil’s next move was. I am certain that the players had to watch film on Brazil, so why did the Americans look so lost? After the first 30 minutes, I realized their strategy was to follow Brazil’s pace and capitalize on their mistakes to score.

The first half was back and forth and the passing between players could have been better. The USWNT had a 58% pass completion rate and Brazil would intercept passes. Not to mention, they were much faster than some of the older Americans playing. At the end of added time however, Emily Fox lobbed the ball into the box, and Lindsey Horan headed it into the net for a goal. 

The second half was a bit more exciting than the first, however, Brazil was trying as hard as possible to score a goal. It was sheer luck that none of the shots made by Brazil were on target. When the game ended, I was glad it was over and that the USWNT won, but I felt some sort of emptiness. I did not feel satisfied with the win.

What Did We Learn?

It is not fun watching the team you are rooting for following another team’s lead. Many people have an “A win is a win” attitude, but I did not feel like I was watching the USWNT. The game felt very odd and unimpressive. I am very excited for Emma Hayes to start coaching in June, as she has an affinity for winning and getting efficient and vigorous players on the pitch. As fun as it is to win, it is more fun to win well!


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