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Updated Patriots Mock Draft With Trades & Exciting Additions

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

In three weeks, the Patriots will be on the clock for the 14th overall pick, and if I were a gambling man (which I am), I would place some money on Bill Belichick looking at a player much of the region will want them to select and then trade down.

Patriots Trade Back With Seattle

Bill calls up his old friend Pete Carroll and here is how the conversation will probably go. “….. Pete, hey, um, we are looking to move back here. What do you say”. “Yeah, bud, I think we do that. How about we give ya 20 & 52 for 14 & 107, doesn’t that sound swell”. “Mhm.”

Patriots Call The Jags

So then six more picks come off the board, Myles Murphy is still there, and I think the Jags are itching to add another playmaker on defense, so Bill calls over and offers 20,117,184,187 for 24 & 56. Jacksonville like the player and decides it’s worth it if Murphy is still on the board; Travon Walker, Josh Allen & Myles Murphy is an issue.

One More Slide Down

Dallas needs a tight end, and Dalton Kincaid is still on the board at 24, so we send 24 and 76 for 26 and 58 adding a fourth second-round pick. Bill has a history of wheeling and dealing, so I see one of these moves as highly likely.

Pick 27 Overall: Jordan Addison Receiver USC

Somehow the 2021 Biletnikoff Award winner is just forgotten in all the sparkle of other members of this class. He has decent size at 5’11 173, but his size is not what makes him unique. He separates, is a precision route runner, and has strong hands. Unfortunately, he had an ankle injury in 2022, so the buzz has fallen off, but he was many scouts’ top receiving prospect.

Jordan Addison is probably the most frequently connected to the Giants. He had a somewhat underwhelming combine, but he's a very polish route runner, with plenty of speed, smooth hands and the ability to run routes at every level. breaks tackles like crazy — The Football Grump (@football_grump) April 2, 2023

In this mock, the Giants took Zay Flowers at Addison will excel in a timing and precision-based scheme; he was a significant reason for Kenny Pickett’s magnificence at Pitt. Mac Jones needs a player like Addison added to the offense; even while missing four games, he scored eight touchdowns. If he is fully healthy, then he should be an excellent pro.

Four Second-Round Picks

By moving back three times, the Patriots gained three extra seconds, so they now have 46, 52, 56, and 58, which is massive for this team with many needs to fill.

Pick 46 Cornerback Tyrique Stevenson Miami

I continue to look at the defensive backs, and I think the group has value, but there is one skill set it’s missing. The Joneses have an average height of 5’9 which is very difficult to match up with teams with big-bodied receivers. Stevenson can add this in strides.

TYRIQUE STEVENSON PLAY OF THE SEASON — blakejmorgan (@blakejmorgan) January 1, 2021

He has uncoachable height and arm length (6’0 32 3/8), fluidity issues, and lacks some burst, but this would be a depth matchup piece that Bill could deploy. Adding a bit like this could allow Jon Jones to stick to the separation guys rather than having him in a more challenging position.

Pick 52 EDGE Isiah Foskey, Notre Dame

Getting to the QB is so important during this era of football but is also very difficult due to the speed of the signal-callers. Foskey is shot out of a cannon on most plays; he isn’t just a speed rusher, either. He has good hands and multiple moves to make a play. He must be in a scheme that moves players around that maximizes their talent.

Isiah Foskey gets a sack working on Matthew Bergeron. — Seven Rounds in Heaven (@7RoundsInHeaven) October 29, 2022

Belichick has been ripe with impaired decision-making but still has excellent defense prowess; adding a fast & dynamic layer to the front, seven could be highly effective. Judon, Uche, and Foskey sound like a nightmare to deal with.

Pick 56 Safety Antonio Johnson Texas A&M

Devin McCourty just retired, and the Patriots have depth at the safety position, but they don’t have that deep third player like DMac. Johnson isn’t going to step into that role and thrive immediately; he can develop to that point with good coaching. However, he can contribute as a big slot corner and another excellent tackler.

Texas A&M’s Antonio Johnson is a 𝙩𝙝𝙪𝙢𝙥𝙚𝙧 💥 The 6’3” safety tallied 71 tackles, a sack, and three forced fumbles in 2022 – including this one against LSU: Another option for the #Patriots to fill the safety void. — Mike Kadlick (@mikekadlick) February 28, 2023

At 6’3, 195, he sets the tone for his defense and will be a massive piece to add to this secondary. The Stevenson & Johson additions are exactly what the Patriots’ secondary is missing, matchup length and strong tacklers at the point.

Pick 58 Tight End Darnell Washington Georgia

Washington is a prime Patriots prospect; he has freakish size but also had one of the most impressive three-cone drills in the entire combine. Standing at 6’7 264 pounds, Washington is a monster. Tight End typically takes the most extended t to develop in the NFL, but he wouldn’t be thrown into the fire; he would be the third on the depth chart, exploiting mismatches and substitutions.

#UGA TE Darnell Washington makes it a habit to show off his athleticism in the open field, hurdling defensive backs at 6-7, 264, even if it doesn’t always work. Plucks the football out of the air on vertical routes especially and can see him being a big red zone threat early on — Devin Jackson (@RealD_Jackson) April 6, 2023

The Patriots could run the heavy package and stress defenses stuck in. a run formation with three plus pass catchers still on the field. Washington offers a lot of upside with YAC because of his massive frame and various ways to break tackles. New England loves running the TE drag route of play action, and Washington can exploit that.

Day Three Picks

After all the excitement from the draft’s first two days, the Patriots will traditionally make their final three selections.

Pick 135 Tackle Nick Saldiveri Old Dominion

Nick doesn’t do anything special, but he does almost everything right. He won’t have much in the way of separation regarding talent. However, he should be able to be a plug-and-play tackle at the NFL level, and it should happen relatively quickly. The Patriots have built this tackle room with average bodies for depth and coverage. Saldiveri fits this ideal and this mold.

Old Dominion’s Nick Saldiveri plays with such great balance and bend. Really solid #SeniorBowl week for him. — Bobby Football (@Rob__Paul) February 2, 2023

Say it with me, “With the 135th selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots will select Nick Saldiveri Tackle Old Dominion” It sounds so Belichick.

Pick 192 Tackle Jordan McFadden Clemson

The Patriots will have to double-dip a position, and why not tackle? Bill has a history of finding outstanding offensive linemen in the later draft rounds, sometimes even undrafted. McFadden plays with strength and energy and can play tackle and guard, so versatility is another factor for this selection.

Clemson OL Jordan McFadden 😳🥞 — PFF College (@PFF_College) September 6, 2022

Last Pick 210: Reciever Jake Bobo UCLA

This guy is a Bobo! Ha, in reality Jake Bobo could be another in the long line of late round or undrafted receivers that the Patriots have been able to hit on. Bobo does profile differently; he’s 6’5, and 206 pounds despite being very fluid and a savvy route runner. He doesn’t have top-end speed, so he is a player on Bill Belichick’s board.

🎥 @ShrineBowl Day 1 Film 🎥 Concord, MA native Jake Bobo, from UCLA, with the catch of the day for a TD. Beautiful route here by the 6’5” WR: @PatriotsCLNS | @NowOnAirr — Mike Kadlick (@mikekadlick) January 29, 2023

Jake is a Mass native, a route technician, and a brilliant player. It seems right up Foxboro Alley. I compare him to a bigger version of Jakobi Meyers, who could dominate in the red zone.

Bottom Line

This is a revitalizing draft with five top 60 picks; Addision & Washington should instantly contribute to this team with significant room to grow. Stevenson & Foskey are playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, and Johnson could be the best tackler in the defensive back class. Saldiveri & Bobo all could have day one impact and add reliable depth. McFadden should develop into an average sub on the line, which can’t hurt.



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