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Unsung Chiefs Great Is On Verge Of History In 2022

We’re living in the golden age of the Kansas City Chiefs. Likely never again will fans of the franchise ever feel the excitement and awe that was felt when Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce were dominating opposing defenses.

This isn’t to say that Mahomes and Kelce are set to decline. Nor is it to say that the Chiefs winning ways are coming to a close. The championship window is perhaps even more wide open now than it was following the team’s brutal defeat in Super Bowl LV. It’s simply to say that after all of the angst and disappointment that the team and its fans felt for half of a century, the success and winning couldn’t have arrived in a bigger way.

There will be more Super Bowls someday for the Chiefs and those will be fantastic as well. There will be Hall of Fame enshrinements (quite a few actually) but nothing will ever feel quite the same as it felt to finally be the dominant force that we saw so many others become in the NFL before us. However, even after all of the dominance, one special member of the organization seems to stay out of the headlines. It’s time to give him a bigger share of the credit for the team’s massive turnaround.

Chiefs Head Coach Deserves Most Credit For Team’s Success

Before Patrick Mahomes was drafted and before Brett Veach became General Manager, Andy Reid became the Head Coach of the Chiefs. Reid took the reigns of a franchise fresh off of its worst season ever. Never had the team won fewer games than they did in 2012, ultimately finishing 2-14. In the wake of the earth-shattering Jovan Belcher tragedy, on top of the on-the-field struggles, the team needed a massive turnaround.

Not only has Reid turned around a historic franchise at rock bottom — he’s taken it to historic heights. Kansas City made the playoffs in Reid’s first season. They finished 11-5 in 2013, mostly thanks to the NFL’s sixth-ranked offense. The team’s offense had ranked 31 and 32 in the two years prior. In total, Reid has taken the Chiefs to the playoffs in eight of his nine seasons as head coach. The offense in that span has ranked outside the top ten just twice.

Reid didn’t just turn around a struggling franchise. No, he was an architect for one of the best offenses in NFL history. Thanks to his development of Mahomes, Hill, and Kelce, the team has become synonymous with scoring. Kansas City will now forever be remembered when discussing the best offenses ever. Reid built the system, filled the roster with the perfect talent to make it work, and then executed it masterfully.

Mahomes and Veach more than deserve their credit, but Reid is the strong foundation of the entirety of the success over the last decade.

Chiefs Andy Reid Set To Make Mark On Record Books In 2022

Reid passed Hall of Fame Coach, Curly Lambeau, on the All-Time wins leaderboard last season. He now stands alone at fifth all-time, trailing just Tom Landry, Bill Belichick, George Halas, and Don Shula.

  1. 1. Don Shula, 33 seasons, 328 wins, .677

  2. 2. George Halas, 40 seasons, 318 wins, .682

  3. 3. Bill Belichick, 27 seasons, 290 wins, .670

  4. 4. Tom Landry, 29 seasons, 250 wins, .607

  5. 5. Andy Reid, 23 seasons, 233 wins, .633

Not only has Reid moved his way to the top five all-time in wins, but he’s also done so at a torrid pace. Reid’s 10.1 wins per season exceed everyone ahead of him on the all-time leaderboard except Belichick. With Mahomes in tow, those wins don’t figure to dry up any time soon. The last time the Chiefs won fewer than ten games in a season was in 2014.

Reid is just 17 wins away from tying Tom Landry for fourth all-time in wins. His .633 winning percentage ranks 21st all-time and he has a good chance to pass Steeler’s Head Coach Mike Tomlin (.643) in 2022. Beyond wins, Reid currently ranks fourth all-time in playoff appearances by head coaches:

  1. 1. Don Shula, 33 seasons, 19 playoff appearances

  2. 2. Bill Belichick, 27 seasons, 19 playoff appearances

  3. 3. Tom Landry, 29 seasons, 18 playoff appearances

  4. 4. Andy Reid, 23 seasons, 17 playoff appearances

  5. 5. Paul Brown, 25 seasons, 15 playoff appearances

Behind Reid and Belichick, Pete Carroll is the next closest active head coach with just 11 career playoff appearances. With a playoff appearance next season, Reid would tie Landry for the third-most playoff appearances by a head coach in NFL history.

Beyond just appearances, Reid currently has 19 playoff wins in his coaching career. That mark is tied with Don Shula for third-most all-time. With 3 playoff wins in 2022, Reid would move into sole possession of second place behind just Belichick.

Chiefs fans everywhere understand the greatness of their head coach. It’s no secret around the NFL that he is a master offensive mind and one of the best to ever grace the NFL. However, his name doesn’t get thrown around nearly enough when discussing the dominance of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Patrick Mahomes era.

Andy Reid isn’t just the greatest head coach in Chiefs history; he’s one of the very best the NFL has ever seen.

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Where will Andy Reid finish among the all-time great head coaches? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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