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Unpacking the Benefits: How Another Year of College Can Boost an Ohio State Player's Career

Ohio State is one of the few schools that consistently reloads its talent pool every season rather than rebuilding. The caliber of talent they attract year after year is unparalleled, making it a challenge for many players to secure a spot on the field. 

Imagine the possibilities if Emeka Egbuka, a receiver on this year's Ohio State team, were to spend another year in college. This additional year would open up opportunities to refine his skills, gain invaluable experience, and elevate his performance. It could position him as one of the top receivers in his draft class, ready to make a significant impact at the pro level. 

Why Equbka Should Come Back

Junior wideout Emeka Egbuka should think about returning for his senior season. He will probably be a day-two pick in a very stacked receiver class. Egbuka has tons of talent and could make an essential impact in the NFL right away, but if he returns to the college game for the 2024 season, he could very well put himself as the top wide receiver in the 2025 class. 

Egbuka has been overshadowed by Marvin Harrison Jr., who is the best receiver in the country and might be the best receiving prospect we have ever seen. 

So, Egbuka has yet to show the world he can be a number-one option. He also missed a few games in 2023 due to injury, and one he missed was a big one against Penn State. These missed games limited his exposure or affected his stats, but they also allowed him to demonstrate his resilience and potential in the upcoming season. 

Egubka put on a show against Notre Dame and was one of the main reasons they could come back to win that game: he made big catch after big catch. 

Ohio State also needs Egbuka because they are going to be dealing with a young receiver room. Harrison is expected to enter the NFL, and Julian Fleming entered the transfer portal. 

The Buckeyes will have to rely on very young receivers next season, like Carnell Tate, Brandon Inniss, and maybe true freshman Jeremiah Smith. 

Ohio State will be breaking in a new quarterback once again, and whoever wins the job will need some veteran presence at the pass-catching position. 

Egubka's return would be great for him and the team, and hopefully, he will decide to give it one more year. 

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