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Tyreek Hill Wants The Dolphins To Make Him The Highest Paid WR In The NFL

Tyreek Hill, Dolphins, Contract, Stadium Rant

There are a handful of certainties in life; death and taxes being the most famous. In the NFL, or any professional sport for that matter, you can always bet on players wanting more money. Egos are larger than the league's talent and fueled by jealousy and insecurity. The second that one guy gets paid, his contemporaries believe they should get paid too.

In 2022, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill signed a contract extension worth $120 million over four years. Two years later, he is seeking another extension worth $34 million per year or more. At first sight, this may seem like another greedy player trying to get a bigger payday than the jackpot he just hit. To understand his real motivation, it's important to understand the entire situation.

Tyreek Hill, Contract, Stadium Rant

AJ Brown and Amon-Ra St Brown

In April, the Philadelphia Eagles and their star receiver AJ Brown agreed to a 3-year, $96 million contract extension. The contract comes with $84 million in guaranteed money and keeps him in Philadelphia through the 2029 season. Around the same time, the Detroit Lions locked up their best pass-catcher through 2028 when they gave Amon-Ra St Brown a four-year extension worth $120 million ($77 million guaranteed).

Over the past two seasons, Hill has outperformed both receivers, hauling in 238 passes for 3,509 yards and 20 touchdowns. St Brown led Detroit with 225 catches, 2,676 yards, and 16 touchdowns. AJ Brown grabbed 194 balls for the Eagles, racking up 2,952 yards and 18 touchdowns. In theory, the best receiver, with the best numbers, should get the biggest contract.

Tyreek Hill, Contract, Stadium Rant

True Details Of Hill's Extension

The terms of Tyreek Hill's extension may seem like he is getting $30 million a year, but the final year of the deal is for $45 million with nothing guaranteed. This makes his deal a three-year extension worth $75 million ($25 million AAV). The final year was added as a void year to drive up the numbers of the deal and make it look more impressive.

It would be easy to dismiss Hill and his concerns. For starters, $25 million dollars isn't chump change. It's impossible for the average person to relate to someone capable of purchasing 50 brand-new Ferraris yearly and still have money left over. Even looking at his situation with the understanding that Hill essentially lives in a world parallel to reality, he shouldn't be upset about a deal that he signed.

It's hard to fathom that Tyreek Hill didn't understand every nuance of his contract before he signed it. If he didn't, he needs to fire his agent, because no athlete should ever be surprised by a detail of their contract.

The Cheetah made his bed, and instead of lying in it, he now wants to make a different bed. Whether he deserves to be the highest-paid player, or whether he should honor the contract he signed is ultimately up to the Miami Dolphins.

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