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Turn Down For T.J. Watt: Part One

Almost every (if not every) Pittsburgh Steelers fan was ecstatic when we drafted “J.J. Watts’ little brother,” T.J. Watt. I just knew he would be a great asset for our defense. We needed a “standout” player that would cause havoc for other offenses. We got everything we asked for in T.J. After all, he is “a man on a mission.”

I saw this incredibly ridiculous (in a good way) statistic from PFF on Twitter that had T.J. listed at number two in the top five players (Cameron Jordan: Saints- 66.5 sacks, Myles Garrett: Browns- 58.5 sacks, and Jerry Bosa: Chargers- 58 sacks) with quarterback sacks since 2016. Cardinals’ DE Chandler Jones sits at number one as the player with the most quarterback sacks since that same year.

How does T.J. Watt continue to put his body on the line every game? He has proven that his legacy will be legendary, just like his big brother’s. T.J. Watt has shown great leadership skills from the first moment he stepped foot on Heinz Field.

According to, he recorded 48 solo tackles and 22.5 sacks last year. What will this season bring for Watt and the Steeler defense? The Steelers are rebuilding on both sides of the field after the retirement of Roethlisberger. The release of other key players like JuJu Smith-Schuster has taken a toll on the offensive depth chart. Defensively, our depth chart is “up in the air.”

T.J. Watt = A Sack Master

We all know that Pittsburgh has always been known for a “stellar” defense. The Steelers are number one in the NFL for most sacks by a team, with 986 sacks (the other teams include: second: Eagles- 913, third: Rams- 912, fourth: Packers- 881, tied for fifth: Dolphins/Ravens- 862). He has had 72 career sacks since he was drafted in 2016; he has led the league in sacks in 2020 and 2021. How in the world? It is apparent he is not “living in the shadows” of his big brother J.J.

I believe Pittsburgh’s 3-4 defense will have a strong core next season. T.J., Tuitt, Heyward, Bush, and Fitzpatrick will return as defensive starters. They all have great chemistry and complement each other very well. Even though T.J. Watt is so young and healthy (overall), he is a great leader that doesn’t “shy” away from his competition.

T.J. Watt earned his first Defensive Player of the Year award after the 2021-2022 season, in which he stated, “I feel like I’m just about to be entering the prime of my career. I just want to continue to be that guy that the other team has to account for and continue to grow my leadership role with the team and try to be as consistent as possible.”

He admitted to not being much of a “public speaker;” however, he is outstanding when handling the pressures of competition.

The Wisconsin native and former Badger tweeted that he (University of Wisconsin) loves his “job” and his team.

His biography on Twitter says “dream chasing.” If dreams were a tangible thing that could be chased, I would feel sorry for them if T.J. was chasing them.



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