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Tua Tagovailoa Is Not The Answer For the Dolphins

Well, Dolphin fans, your season ended on Saturday night, and to add to the disappointment, Tua Tagovailoa has not lived up to the franchise quarterback expectations we all had.  

Tagovailoa, unfortunately, falls into the category of quarterbacks who shine only when the stars align and everything around them functions flawlessly. 

Tagovailoa has one of the best weapons in the entire league and gets to work with one of the brightest offensive-minded head coaches in Mike McDaniel.

It's undeniable that Mike McDaniel has been instrumental in polishing Tagovailoa's skills over the last two years, even when many were quick to label Tagovailoa a bust and called for a change. 

Tagovailoa has gotten better under McDaniel, but we are seeing what his ceiling is, and it's a double-digit win quarterback who can't win the division; he needs a lot of greatness around him and perfect conditions. 

Take Tagovailoa out of Miami and put him in terrible weather conditions. He can't throw the ball, looks cold, and doesn't want to be out there. 

Tagovailoa doesn't have excellent arm strength, is a little small, and you can forget about it when it's raining, snowing, or cold. 

Do Dolphin fans want to rely on a guy for the next decade who can only win football games in conditions that have to be perfect and have star teammates around him? 

Franchise quarterbacks make other players into stars, and with the Dolphins, that is the other way around. 

Watch rookie quarterback CJ Stroud. He makes every player around him better, won a playoff game, and has yet to have more than 20 starts in the NFL. 

Tagovailoa is entering the final year of his contract, and Miami shouldn't pay him right now. There could be better options out there after the 2024 season. 

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