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Training Camp And A Last Second Loss Leads To Hope For Patriots In 2022.

Here’s the offensive line breakdown for the third week of camp and the preseason game versus the G-men. Were there any improvements by the Patriots’ OL?

The Patriots played their first preseason game after the line had looked horrible for ten of 11 camp days thus far. So there is reason to have hope with the line, but it may have heads scratching in another area.

Monday, Day Ten Of Training Camp 2022

Chasin Hines returned to the field finally, but Stueber remained out with a non-football injury. Isaiah Wynn was limited and was replaced mainly by Herron, but Onwenu also played some tackle.

The offense surrendered at least three team sacks. However, it may not just be the line, as one Patriots reporter blamed the pass catchers.

I wouldn't put any of those "sacks" on the line btw. They were coverage sacks. Jones had plenty of time. The run blocking though… — Khari Thompson (@kdthompson5) August 8, 2022

Regardless of whether the problem was the line or the entire offense Monday, the offense was terrible. It’s to the point fans are talking about regretting McVanilla (Josh McDaniels) leaving.

David Andrews had a conversation with the offense after camp wrapped. It was almost sure that the Team Captain laid into the group for their disappointing play.

Andrews’s was asked about it and said, “What I said was what I said. We’re just trying to move forward, try to correct it, and try to come out here and have a better day tomorrow.”

Tuesday, Day Eleven Of Camp.

Wynn and Stueber were out with Injury. David Andrews got himself ejected for fighting with Barmore. After the team captain spoke with the team on Monday, this was not something he needed to be caught in.

The line had a few bright spots but is reportedly struggling, surrending at least two sacks. As of Tuesday evening, no answers seem to be coming. The biggest thing being suggested is returning to the offense they’ve been running for 20 years.

People in and out of football suggest waiting after at least a preseason game before judging the line. It’s a fair assessment because the team can be inflating or deflating the other unit depending on talent level mismatch and inability to play at full speed.

And former Patriot lineman R.J. Prince had some issues with the criticism of the Patriots line. And it sounds like he’s faulting Belichick or one of the coaches for the struggle.

Prince Said, “No wonder they’re doing bad. How the hell can an (offensive lineman) execute outside zone and inside zone without being able to grab a hold of something?
Coming from the tackle spot, they need to set the edge running outside zone on the end or OLB. How are they supposed to get and maintain leverage on their shoulder pads and put a dent in the edge if they can’t grab?”

Fans are not liking the criticism around the line and are calling for people to ignore it completely. Then again, Patriots Nation never seems to want any critiquing of the team. I’d be highly concerned if the day comes when the media has nothing negative to say. Always expect the worst; you cannot be disappointed because there’s nowhere the team can go but up.

Preseason Versus The Giants At Home.

The Patriots had off Wednesday before hosting the Giants Thursday Night and looked rested. However, the line needed retribution, and the game was a good showing for the line after their horrendous few weeks of August.

Starter Isaiah Wynn was out with injury and probably would not have played anyways. Cajuste, Durrant, and Murray would get injured during the game, but they all walked off on their own accord.

I counted 56 plays run by the offense, which did surrender a sack. The mental errors continued as Herron had two penalties; Cajuste, Hambright, and Murray each had one of their own. What did we expect with David Andrews acting as an assistant coach while Matt Patricia was preoccupied?

The Patriots kept most of their runs between the tackles. I counted seven of 15 plays where the Patriots were stuffed. Drew Desjarlais got beat on a run block. One of those seven was barely a yard gain so I’m including it with the rest that were stopped at the line or in the backfield. The Patriots still managed to rush for 2.9 yards a carry.

The Patriots’ pass blocking was much improved from practice, even with the non-stop blitzing of the faced. They only had 11 of 41 pass plays where the linemen got beat, not including the sack on Zappe, which I somehow missed. Cajuste, Durrant, and Hambright each got beat twice in pass protection. Russey and Strange once, and the right side got beat three more times against the pass rush.

It’s A Start!

The line won over 50 percent of the run snaps and 75 percent of the pass snaps in their first preseason game. Considering they were still getting beat by their defense and surrendered five sacks in the two days of practice early this week, this was a victory.

However, this also looked like the traditional Patriots offense for the most part, not the zone offense we’ve heard about. So we do not know if they can run what they have been working on against real opponents. Most Fans have no issue staying with the “Brady” offense anyways.

Overall, the line looked good, but it seemed like the Patriots were getting rid of the ball quickly for the most part on passing plays. We need to see how the starting line looks, but the depth was adequate in their first preseason game. This should give fans some sense of relief over the offensive line until they play Carolina.

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