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Trail Blazers Should Trade For This Awesome 3-Time All-Star 

The Portland Trail Blazers hold the number three pick in the NBA Draft, and they seem like a team willing to move it for a star player. The Trail Blazers have one of the best point guards in the league Damian Lillard, and at the moment they seem like they have no plans to trade him.

The Trail Blazers should look at trading the third pick, and a name that was brought up about being traded was Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal.

Trail Blazers Need To Add Bradley Beal

Shams Charania from The Athletic reported that the Wizards and Beal would find a trade for him if the team decides to reset the roster soon.

Lillard and CJ McCollum worked well together, but they needed a little more help and never got it, and McCollum was sent to New Orleans.

I think Beal could be an upgrade over McCollum and the Trail Blazers could put themselves back in the playoff scene. I think the Trail Blazers still want to take advantage of Lillard on their team, and the best thing they can do is move the third pick for a star in this league.

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