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Top Two Sneaky Dynasty Superflex Values At WRs & TEs

If you haven't had a chance to check out the QB & RB piece, give it a quick read here. Let's get on to some pass catchers to help you win your leagues.

Finding value is all about playing the board and getting a high-point scorer in a later round. The saying, "You can't win your draft in the first round, but you can lose it." is built around the premise that you win your draft or your league by finding the best value. Don't always fret about the age when players fall and take the points. That's what wins fantasy games.

WR- Tyler Lockett ADP 119.5

Year in and year out, Tyler Lockett is disregarded. DK Metcalf is typically drafted in the top three rounds even though Lockett finished above him in both PPR and Standard leagues (DK finished 16th in PPR with 13.28 PPG, 20th in STD with 7.99 PPG/ Lockett finished 13th in both PPR and STD with 14.83 PPR points per game and 9.58 STD points per game).

Most people treat Lockett like he will fall off at any second, but he has a realistically minimum injury history and only missed one game in eight seasons.

Everyone has tried to devise why Lockett should be shoved down the board. DK Metcalf will take over (He has been almost equal in points scored since entering the league).

Russell Wilson is gone. Lockett won't have the same chances (he finished higher with Geno than with Russ). Now it's the arrival of JSN & the dreaded age-30 WR cliff.

But the truth is he is and has been one of the most consistent steals in fantasy. He gives you a solid floor and has week-winning potential due to his big play ability and scoring prowess. He hasn't finished lower than WR 17 in five seasons, and going at WR34 is ridiculous.

WR: Christian Watson ADP 52.4

This may not be the late-round player that no one will think about. However, I believe that Watson is still underrated and undervalued. Watson was ranked third in fantasy points per route run, 14th in Open Rate, 12th in Yards per route run, and fourth in YAC per reception last year (All minimum 50 targets per PFF).

From weeks 10 to 13, he was the WR8, averaging nearly seven targets a game which should increase as he takes a step forward. He is being drafted like a WR2, and he can be a league winner if he puts it all together with Jordan Love.

If Aaron Rodgers were still here, managers

would be drafting Watson in the back end of the second round, where Garrett Wilson is going (I think Wilson is better, but not by a considerable margin).

This is all about value. Watson could have a similar effect to Amon Ra St Brown's last year.

Everyone expected a jump, but no one thought his ceiling would be as high with Goff. I foresee a similar situation here with Watson. After going through these pieces, I see how high I am on the Packers' offense; I might need to adjust how I think their season will go.

TE: Darren Waller ADP 96.2

The Giants have been searching for a number one option in the passing game since the infamous BOAT picture and OBJ's departure; they may have finally found it in Waller. After being a focal point on a solid offense (in 2019 & 2020, he had 90 receptions or more), he was relegated to a third fiddle. With DeVante Adams's acquisition and Josh Jacobs's emergence, there seemed to be no room left for Waller to be an impact.

The issue with Waller in fantasy is the missed games; playing in 20 out of a possible 36 is a tough pill for managers, but that is why he is going in the back half of the ninth round. He walks into a system that will be reworked to feature him, Daboll knows how to feature a weapon, and this staff picked him because they knew he fits their approach.

Jones likes throwing to his TE. We all thought Bellinger was going to be somebody. If he stays healthy, I could see him having 130 targets, 80-100 receptions over 1000 yards, and 6 to 10 TDs (Yes, this means Danny Dimes will increase his passing TD numbers, but he's still not worth 40 a season).

TE Dalton Kincaid ADP 77.3

There aren't any NFL numbers to back this theory up, but I think the Bills drafted Kincaid to play a modified Cole Beasly role. I don't necessarily mean he will be lined up in the slot, but they need a chain mover to eat up the dirty parts of the field to help Josh Allen get out of pressure without scrambling.

Many of you may think this should be Diggs, but he's better at playing the outside and the deep crossers. It isn't Gabe Davis's game, either. He is more of a field stretcher and a contested catch player.

I thought this draft had decent slot receivers, so they selected Kincaid in the first round. They intend to use him, and there is a need for another pass catcher to step up; if he can do that, he can unlock the offense. Historically rookie TEs don't produce great for fantasy purposes, but this will be one of those rare times where the opportunity, talent, scheme fit, and QB all blend for a very healthy season.

Dynasty Conclusion

Well, there you have it; those guys I find myself taking in dynasty start-ups this year. I am also making it a point to target these guys in redraft. They will be point scorers this year and next year, and points matter if you are trying to win, which is what I am trying to do in every start-up. I appreciate drafting young, but punting on a start-up you pay for that makes no sense to me. So draft these players; you should have a chance at the money.

Which Player Will You Draft?

  • Lockett

  • Watson

  • Waller

  • Kincaid


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