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Top Seven NBA Free Agent Landing Spots

NBA Free Agency Is Almost Here

The NBA season is nearing an end, which means that free agency is right around the corner. This also means the league will be heavily shaken up as a lot of the top stars will be switching teams and new teams could become contenders, or they could fall into the oblivion that is sucking. Also remember the top seven is subjective, so if your favorite player isn’t on here, don’t be angry.

Kyrie Irving

Prediction: Miami Heat/ Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie is easy, one of the most talented players the game has ever seen. But he has also come with his share of problems. Whether that’s arguments with teammates or bad press, Kyrie has struggled to stay in the positive light by the media. Which makes this so much more confusing. No one has a read on this guy. No one know where he wants to go, or what he wants to do right now.

That being said, Miami will more than likely pay up for another big star. Would he mesh well with Jimmy Butler? That I don’t know. But I do know that he can score consistently, and the heat would be incredibly scary. Or he just returns to Brooklyn to play with Kevin Durant and get his bag. But I told you, absolutely nothing is known.

Zach Lavine

Prediction: San Antonio Spurs

This part of the list gets tough because there are a lot of incredible guards out there. But few have blossomed into an all-star as well as Lavine has. He went from being known as the guy who won the dunk contest twice, to now being a consistent all-star and having his choice of teams and the money he gets. But I just don’t see it working in Chicago. In the NBA, he won’t be able to win there for a few years.

But I do see him in San Antonio. San Antonio beholds a gem in Dejounte Murray and they would love to pair him with another great scorer. The Spurs have struggles in recent years since they lost their big three in Ginobili, Parker and Duncan. He could go there and start up another dynasty. He may also want to be coached by a top three NBA coach of all time.

James Harden

Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers

Oh man, talk about a drop-off. I loved the beard when he was in Houston. He was electric, he was fun, and he was putting up 40 a game. But he wasn’t that guy with Philadelphia or even Brooklyn. The 76ers gave up Ben Simmons in this trade but if he ever stops being a baby, I think the nets will win this trade. Especially given why he is staying in philly.

See, harden has a player option. Words of death for any franchise with a former elite player that has now turned to rubbish (ex: John Wall). So would Harden turn down 40 million from a semi-contender when he can be carried? No way. I think it’s pretty obvious Harden stays in Philadelphia. Whether you think it’s good or bad.

Bradley Beal

Prediction: Portland Trail Blazers

The NBA needs to force this dude out of Washington. It is just sad at this point man. At his peak, he is a top-five scorer in the NBA, except they are for the Wizards. This means, that he still loses. When he had John Wall and worked well with him it was great, and they made the playoffs. Except now, he has a washed-up Kristaps Porzingis and Rui Hachimura to support him. He needs out.

I believe that Portland is the perfect spot for him. The Trailblazers have been mediocre at best during their time with Damian Lillard, and they want to change that while he is still elite. They had CJ McCullom but he was fairly inconsistent and wasn’t the best set-piece next to Dame. Beal absolutely would be. To have another elite option next to dame to take the pressure off would be perfect. This would also push them back into playoff contention.

Deandre Ayton

Prediction: Charlotte Hornets

The Suns are a very odd team. They are one of the best teams in all of the NBA, but a large part of their success is about to walk and they are alright with it. Ayton has been incredibly efficient for the Suns when they actually have used him, but it isn’t often. They only used him for a total of 17 minutes in a game seven blow out loss to the Dallas Mavericks. It’s clear he doesn’t want to be there anymore, it’s clear they don’t want him.

So go play for the second greatest player of all time! (Yes, Lebron is number one. I’m not debating this right now.) The Charlotte Hornets are building one of the NBA’s best young squads and Ayton could be a great part of that. With Lamelo Ball at point guard, the athletics Miles Bridges at small forward, and Ayton controlling the paint with his solid defense, they could have a legitimate playoff spot waiting for them next year.

Jalen Brunson

Prediction: New York Knicks

Brunson had a incredible college career as he was a perennial winner and even won the national championship. But people were skeptical when he came to the NBA and so he fall down draft boards, eventually ending up in Dallas as Luka Doncic’s backup. But, he now has leverage. After he showed incredible value towards the end of the season and spectacular performances throughout the playoffs, he will more than likely get a contract he is undeserving of.

For that, there is no team better than the New York Knicks. The Knicks have recently been a revolving door at point guard as we can’t commit to one, or if they do the player gets hurt or wears himself out playing 48 minutes a game. Brunson would be a welcome addition for a huge position of need for the Knicks and would more than likely get that big city overpaid money.

Collin Sexton

Prediction: Indiana Pacers

I’m going to miss “Sexland”. Of course, I’m referring to the dynamic duo of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, but it is clearly for the best that he gets out of there. While he is a very solid point guard and puts up a lot of scoring for them, he just doesn’t mesh with that team. He has an incredibly high ceiling with all-star potential but it was clear before his injury this season he needs to get out of Cleveland.

I think the Pacers should absolutely make a run for Sexton. While it is likely that he’ll be overpaid, it is a real need for them. They made the trade in the middle of the season to send Sabonis to Sacramento in exchange for Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield and some other junk. But it is obvious that Haliburton is more of a combo guard and not meant to run the one. if the Pacers want to escape perpetual mediocrity, this is a fairly safe route.

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