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Top Question Marks After Week One Week Of Miami Dolphins Training Camp

There are question marks the Miami Dolphins still have after the first week of training camp.

As the first week of training camp wraps up, despite question marks, there’s a lot of optimism for the Miami Dolphins to be had. Jevon Holland has been all over the field making big plays as he showed he could do last year. Trill Williams shows lots of promise for depth in this team getting a pick-six. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle had some amazing catches in tight windows. Mike Gesicki got plenty of practice blocking which is widely considered the only flaw in his game.

After One Week Of Training Camp Dolphins There Are Questions

Most importantly, Tua Tagovailoa had a throw that went over 60 yards that hit Tyreek Hill in stride perfectly which had Dolphin fans salivating at what we have to look forward to when the season starts. They even had a breakout run from newly acquired running back Chase Edmonds. What makes matters even better for Dolphin fans were watching the issues of their rivals showing up. The New York Jets have reports of inconsistency from Zach Wilson, the Buffalo Bills fight between Josh Allen and Jordan Phillips, and the New England Patriots having issues getting separation from someone who Dolphin fans have experienced firsthand with Devante Parker.

All is great so far in South Florida, but the biggest question mark has yet to be answered. How will the offensive line hold up? Will it give Tagovailoa enough time to throw the ball, allowing for all these massive practice plays to occur in a live game? The pads will be put on Monday, August 1st, which is the first true indicator of how well the line will hold up. Many believe the new head coach Mike McDaniel will be the largest factor in the lineman upgrades and they will blame last year’s blemishes on the coaching staff.

There are also the upgrades in the actual line itself in the form of three-time pro-bowler left tackle Terron Armstead and left guard/center Connor Williams. All the greatness we’ve experienced so far through training camp relies on the stability and performance of this line which was ranked last in almost every metric last year. Armstead has never finished a full season without missing at least one game. The Dolphins do not have another person that can replace the caliber of player he represents. Will they be able to adapt enough or create enough depth to be able to substitute him if the time comes? Can they finally keep Tua upright against the onslaught they suffered by the Buffalo Bills next season?

Mike McDaniel’s history shows his desire to have a run first offense and creativity with his wide receivers. This philosophy in itself is designed to trick the defense which in turn helps the offense perform their tasks easier. He did this extremely well with the San Francisco 49ers last year. Will this adaptation help the offensive line enough? Now more than ever the Dolphins need to see a full 17 game season out of Tagovailoa and that requires keeping him protected by any means necessary.

With two first round picks next year many fear if Tagovailoa sustains another injury to make him miss multiple weeks again the Dolphins will have no choice but to find a more durable quarterback in the draft next year. The fan base is still divided on Tagovailoa but the optimism continues to grow as he shows what he’s capable of with enough time and protection. It’s dazzling certainly but he showed flashes of this last year when in practice as well. His ability has never been in question from true fans of the team but the question of his durability has always been there. Just like any other team sport, you’re only as weak as your weakest link and this situation is no different.



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