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Top 5 Worst Fan Bases In College Football With One Giant Surprise  

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

College football is known for its passionate fans, and when you say something bad about their team they go over in the corner and cry, but these fan bases stand out as the most unlikeable in all of college football.

5. SEC

Let’s start with SEC fans, and I am not talking about you Georgia, and Alabama. I am talking about the teams from the SEC who do nothing, but they chant SEC and always claim their conference is great when Alabama or Georgia wins a title.

I’m sorry, but if you’re a Vanderbilt fan and you watch your team lose to almost every SEC team year in and year out, and claim the SEC is better than everyone else you’re a loser.

You don’t get to claim the conference when your team can hardly beat a Pop Warner team down the road. Alabama and Georgia fans can claim whatever they want. All they do is win, and if you think they’re annoying then maybe try to beat them occasionally and humble them.

4. Texas

Coming in at number four is Texas. This is a fanbase that talks like they have won the last ten National Championships, but they have an issue qualifying for a bowl game.

Every time they win one big game all you must hear about is how Texas is back, and then they go out the next week and lose to a team that won’t even see three wins.

Let’s not forget about the little horns up they make with their fingers, and then when someone makes horns down gesture at them, they go nuts. It is a penalty for a college football player to make horns down symbol, but Texas can go crazy doing the horns up all they want.

When Texas learns how to win college football games again that makes them legit contenders then the fanbase can start talking, but right now they need to be seen and not heard.

3. Ohio State

Let’s head to Columbus, Ohio to check in on the Ohio State fan base. Ohio State fans live in their own delusional world. Ohio State is a good football team who will put up 11 wins every year and sometimes find their way to a title game, but they are not even on the same level as the top teams like Alabama, Georgia, and even Clemson when they were dominating, but don’t tell Buckeye fans that.

There is not a talent gap between the top teams and Ohio State but there is something that is keeping the Buckeyes from competing when they get to late November and into the playoffs.

Ohio State fans hold onto the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama in 2014 like their newborn baby. It was a great win, and nobody thought it was possible, but it’s time to let it go. You don’t have to bring it up every time when people talk about how the SEC and Alabama are so great. I do remember when Alabama kicked the crap out of Ohio State in the title game a few years ago.

If you ever go on Twitter or any other social media sites, you would think by looking at a handful of Ohio State fan’s pages that they didn’t lose to Michigan two years in a row. How many times are they going to bring up that they have dominated the series since 2000? Michigan winning back-to-back years in dominating fashion shows they have taken back this rivalry and we don’t want to hear about what Ohio State did to them in 2004.

If you want to listen to Buckeye fans talk about the most irrelevant thing to a football game just let them, go on about their marching band for 15 hours.

The band is cool, and they always do a great job, but you would think you are watching The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Freddie Mercury perform all at once the way they talk about it.

There are a lot of other college football teams, and I will give you a little news flash they also have their own marching band that put on good shows and we never hear about them.

One thing Ohio State fans need to stop doing is screaming OH and then someone else screaming IO back in public places.

Are you trying to tell us that you know how to spell? Last time I checked Ohio State was a prestigious university so I sure hope you can put four little letters together and spell Ohio.

2. Michigan

If I am going to put Ohio State on this list, I can’t leave Michigan. If you want to learn all about the history of college football, then just sit down with a Michigan fan because they love living in the past. They are even worse than Ohio State fans at bringing up past events.

Michigan hasn’t won a title since 1997 and hasn’t won a title by itself since the year 1948. You would never know that by the way Michigan fans talk. The football program had many streaks of being irrelevant, and now that they are good again, they never shut up.

Michigan fans talked nonstop after they got matched up with TCU in the College Football Playoff three months ago about how it was an easy win and a guaranteed spot in the title game, but they ran into a little problem they didn’t win the game.

That game should have humbled Michigan fans real fast, but they think they are going to run towards the title game next season after their star running back Blake Corum announced he would return to school.

Michigan can talk all the smack they want at Ohio State because the last two years they won and earned it, but if they start mentioning title game talk just do yourself a favor and leave the conversation because you’re talking to a crazy person.

Another thing Michigan fans love to talk about is their horrible stadium. The place is a massive dump and a fire hazard waiting to happen, but Wolverines fans think it’s Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club.

I will give Michigan fans some credit their fight song The Victors might be the best in all of college football, but there was a time in the mid-2000s they should’ve changed it to the losers because that’s what they were known for.

1. Notre Dame

Number one on my list, and it’s not even close is Notre Dame fans. I’m Notre Dame and you’re not, that’s how all their fans act. The Golden Dome and Touchdown Jesus are cool, but you don’t have to shove them down everyone’s throats every time they mention the school.

I must get out the old VHS player just to watch Notre Dame win their last title back in 1988, but Notre Dame fans think they won the thing last week. Notre Dame is not even close to being the same program that it was 20 years ago, and it will never be that way again. When Brian \

Kelly left Notre Dame last year to take the LSU job you knew that Notre Dame football was over as we knew it but then when former Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees left his offensive coordinator job at the school and went down to Alabama this winter it really put the nail in the coffin on the program.

Be nice to Notre Dame fans because they are trying their best to hold on to being relevant, but time is winding down on them being in the spotlight. If you made my list don’t take that as a sign of hate but take that to work on yourself and your fandom, and maybe one day you will see yourself on the top five fan bases of college football.



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