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These Five St. Louis SC Players Will Shine In 2024

The St. Louis SC has been around since 2019, and they are already making a name for themselves in Major League Soccer. Most of their players are very young and some are just starting their career in the Soccer League. The St. Louis SC team shows a lot of passion for soccer and each other. Here are five of the top soccer players that will help the St. Louis SC advance in the future.

1.     Tim Parker #26-  Tim Parker deserves a spot as number one for his grit and resilience grit and resilience. In November 2022, Tim Parker was offered a $500,000 base salary to become the defender for his team after being selected 13th overall in the MLS SuperDraft. Parker's determination inspires him to get back on his feet quickly when he's down.

Parker is 30 years old and his mettle helped the St. Louis SC make it this far. On July 2023, Parker helped the St. Louis SC win against Inter Miami CF 3-0. During Parker’s time with the Saint Louis SC. He scored the first goal in the St. Louis SC franchise history beating Austin FC 2-3. At the end of 2023, Parker made a total of 28 apps and 4 goals.

2.     Joãn Klauss #9- Joan Klauss is the striker for the St. Louis SC who earned a spot on this list for his self-confidence and leadership. In 2022, Klauss was offered a $1.23 million base salary to join the team. Klauss has been named “designated player” for the St. Louis SC in 2022. Since Kluass inspires his team to have faith in their abilities, he will be an important player when the St. Louis SC faces a challenging team in the future.

Joan Kluass is 26 years old and he is considered one of the most important players in the St. Louis SC. Klauss helped the St. Louis SC beat Austin FC in 2023 with a score of 6-3. At the end of 2023, Klauss had a total of 34 apps and 14 goals throughout his career. His quadriceps are currently injured, so he may not be in the game for a while, but he will be a force to be reckoned with once he returns.


3.     Tomás Ostrák. #7- Thomas Ostrak made it on this list for his talent and creativity in the MLS. He is one of the midfielders in St. Louis SC who was offered a $700K base salary in 2022. With Ostrak’s energy and potential, we will soon see a drastic improvement in his gameplay. Many of Ostrak's opponents get overwhelmed by him because his quick thinking catches them off guard.

Thomas Ostrak is 23 years old and he is already outperforming some players that have more experience. Ostrak helped St. Louis win the Western Conference 2023 final against Tacoma Defiance 2-1 and North Texas SC 2-0 in 2022. Although Ostrak made it on the list for the skills he brings to the team, a lot of potential still needs to be unlocked. His creativity and talent will benefit St. Louis SC in future games.

4. Roman Bürki #1- Burki made it on this list for his quick reflexes and motivation as a goalie for the St. Louis SC. Burki was offered a $1.5 million base salary with the MLS in 2022. Not only did Burki help his team make it to the playoffs for the first time, but he also motivated them even at their breaking points. Ever since Burki joined the St. Louis SC, he treated his team like family.

Roman Burki is 33 years old and he's already made a reputation for himself in the MLS. After previously playing for the Borussia Dothmonds in August 2015 where he beat Borussia Monchengladbach 4-0, he made himself at home with the St. Louis SC soccer team. Burki played four matches with the reserve team in 2022. He has a total of 448 apps and 83 sheets throughout his career. With Burki's compassion and experience in the MLS, he is bound to help his team make it to the top.

5. Miguel Perez. #28-  Perez showed a lot of dedication and potential in the MLS. In 2022, Perez made several appearances in the St. Louis SC 2 and made 13 apps before moving to St. Louis SC. His current contract is worth a 200k base salary. His potential and dedication to the MLS have shown in his performance as a midfielder. Perez will be a player that we should expect to see improvements from him as he gets older.

Perez is only 17 years old and he is already a key player for the St. Louis SC. In 2023, Perez helped his team make it to the cup finals after their first time beating Sporting Kansas City 4-1. Since Miguel Perez is only 18 years old, he has more potential than any other player in the MLS Franchise. Perez ended 2023 with 15 apps and 1 goal. Since Perez is the youngest player in the St. Louis SC franchise, he has a lot of potential that will be unlocked in the near future.

A lot of the players in St. Louis SC are extremely young and motivated to participate in the MLS. Each player has a unique talent that makes them feel welcome in St. Louis SC. The top 5 players that are presented in this article have shown the most talent and energy in the Entire St. Louis SC franchise so far and are critical for the team to grow. With more practice and experience, these players will make history in the St. Louis SC franchise.


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