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Top 2022 Fantasy Football Targets and Busts: Tight Ends

What will be the 2022 tight end targets and busts for fantasy football?

When it comes to tight ends, there’s generally a gap between the elite fantasy players and the great fantasy players. Two years ago, Travis Kelce was ranked second in receiving yards, not just for tight ends but in the entire NFL. The choices of the top three tight ends are pretty obvious between Kelce, Andrews, and Pitts. If you can get these guys early it’s generally a good idea, but if you can’t, this article is for you.

Fantasy Football Targets And Busts For 2022

George KittleADP 47 – Overvalued – This is nothing against Kittle who is on the bubble for the elite tight ends. There are a few things I put into grading him here and a lot of it revolves around the 49ers offense. There’s a lot of mouths to feed here and with Trey Lance starting at quarterback, a lot of question marks. I don’t expect Lance to be throwing the ball very often. I assume they’re strategizing this offense for Kittle to block more than he has in the past to open scrambling or run game opportunities. They also have Deebo Samuel who is known for being used in the backfield and will vulture touches as well as a healthy load of running backs that the 49ers are known to lean heavily on. I’d avoid him and let someone else take the gamble.

Dalton SchultzADP 64.6 – Undervalued – Schultz had over 800 yards and eight touchdowns last year which is solid fantasy production for a tight end. The key here is James Washington is out for the year and Michael Gallup might start the year on the PUP list. They also lost Cedrick Wilson this off season so it’s going to come down to CeeDee Lamb, rookie Jalen Tolbert, and Schultz to pick up the pieces. This screams out a ton of targets for an already productive tight end. Get him in the fifth round and you won’t be disappointed.

Mike GesickiADP 107 – Overvalued – I love Gesicki as a player and as a receiver plus his ADP isn’t low. So why is he overvalued you might ask? This offense has changed. Mike McDaniel is the new Miami Dolphins head coach, and he wants to bring guys that are blocking and creating separation. Both of these are things Gesicki is not great at. He is a highlight reel and circus catch delight but that’s not always great for fantasy production. The additions of Tyreek Hill and the newly revamped backfield isn’t going to help the matter either. The Miami Dolphins will want to put their speed on display and that’s not Gesicki’s strength. There’s also been trade rumors of him getting moved to another team. That could be good or bad for his fantasy value, but the question mark is tough to get behind. He’s worth a late round flier but I certainly wouldn’t rely on him to be the only tight end on your team.

Cole KmetADP 139 – Undervalued – The Bears offense is in rough shape this year it appears. The offensive line had a hard time keeping Justin Fields up all last year and that hasn’t been fixed. They have a decent backfield and plan to scramble but this offense is going to be bad. That can be a really good sign for a tight end. Often the emergency go-to guy on a bad offense is the tight end and that’s Kmet, who at the ripe age of 23, is in the position for a breakout year. I could see him getting a load of dump-off passes to avoid sacks and picking up 20 touches a game. This team doesn’t have a whole lot of talent outside of a few pieces, so they will look for someone to pick up the mantle. Pick him up in the late rounds and you can have a gem on your hands.

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