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Top 2022 Fantasy Football Targets and Busts: Quarterbacks

With the 2022 NFL season approaching, who will be fantasy football’s targets and busts?

As the season approaches we’re all getting excited to watch our teams as we do every year. The fantasy football players are heavily entrenched in practice films and preseason games and generally speaking over exaggerate the videos and words from training camp. Not all of it however. It’s our job as fantasy owners to decipher that information. This is my list of who is undervalued and who is overvalued.

Quarterback Targets And Busts For Fantasy Football


Josh AllenADP 42 – Overvalued – His fantasy value is no doubt on top of the board. He has finished on top of the leader board in points scored number one for the past two years and is only 26 years old with no serious injury history. What’s not to love? It’s not so much about him in this regard but more how defenses operate.

For two years Patrick Mahomes dominated the league and lead the leader board in points. At that point everyone thought Mahomes was the guy and were taking him in the early second round of fantasy drafts. That came to a screeching halt as defenses learned how to scheme against him. Expect the same results with Josh Allen. To top it off his ADP is at 42 which anyone who has played fantasy football would tell you is way too early to take a quarterback.

Russell WilsonADP 85 – Undervalued – This is an intriguing person with him finding a new team in Denver. He lost Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf but picked up Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, and Tim Patrick. With Patrick out with an ACL injury it’ll be up to KJ Hamler to be the number three receiver who just came off his own ACL injury. With this core and also having a solid run game with second year Javonte Williams it’s clear to see a wide open path for success for this offense which also includes Russell Wilson.

Tua TagovailoaADP 149 – Undervalued – This might come off as a homer for this site, but I assure you it’s not. To rank Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa this late in the draft means you can take him in late rounds easily and no one in the NFL last year did more with less than Tagovailoa did. Add Tyreek Hill and a competent run game with an offensive minded coach and you have the recipe for a breakout candidate. No quarterback in the NFL has a higher ceiling around the position he is being drafted at than Tagovailoa does this year.

Justin FieldsADP 159 – Overvalued – A lot of people want to find the next scrambling quarterback that can sling it over the field. Justin Fields is not that quarterback. It’s not anything against the player himself but more the situation he’s in. He has a few very good running backs but that’s about it. His offensive line is awful and his only good wide receiver to throw the ball to is Darnell Mooney. As many Dolphin fans saw firsthand last year without talent around the quarterback it’s nearly impossible to move the ball or accomplish anything productively. I would stay away from this team’s quarterback position entirely until the team builds something better for him to work with.

Matt RyanADP 166 – Undervalued – Another interesting quarterback move was Matt Ryan at the age of 37 to the Colts. He will be joining an elite run first offense with Jonathan Taylor as well as a pretty solid receiving core that consists of Michael Pittman Jr., Parris Campbell, and second round draft pick Alec Pierce. Pair all this up with a solid offensive line and an overall good team and you will have some pretty good fantasy production at a very cheap cost in the late rounds. This could be one of those steals of the draft that wins you your league.



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