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This Draft Strategy Could Level Up The Titans Big Time!

As a devoted Titans fan, I've been eagerly anticipating the 2024 NFL Draft, speculating on how our team can bolster its roster to become a formidable force in the league. The Titans have a couple of key areas that need addressing, and the first-round pick will be crucial in setting the tone for the rest of the draft. Here's a look at the potential strategies the Titans might employ in the first round and how that could influence their second-round pick.

First-Round Strategy: Strengthening the Offensive Line

The offensive line has been a significant concern for the Titans, with inconsistencies leading to pressure on the quarterback and challenges in the running game. Addressing this need in the first round could be vital for the team's overall success.

Potential First-Round Pick: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State

Fashanu has the size, strength, and pass protection skills that could make an immediate impact on the Titans' offensive line. His addition could provide stability and improve the effectiveness of both the passing and running games.

Second-Round Implications:

If the Titans opt to strengthen the offensive line in the first round, they might look to address other needs in the second round, such as adding depth to the defensive line or secondary. A player like Leonard Taylor III, DT, Miami, could be a valuable addition to bolster the interior defensive line if he's still available.

First-Round Strategy: Adding a Dynamic Weapon

Alternatively, the Titans could look to add a dynamic playmaker to their offense by selecting a wide receiver or tight end in the first round. This would provide a much-needed boost to the passing game and create more scoring opportunities.

Potential First-Round Picks:

  1. Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State - A top prospect with the ability to make big plays and stretch the defense.

  2. Malik Nabers, WR, LSU - Known for his playmaking ability and versatility.

  3. Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia - An elite tight end with speed and tackle-breaking power.

Second-Round Implications:

If the Titans choose to add a weapon to their offense in the first round, the second round could focus on addressing the defensive side of the ball. A player like Ennis Rakestraw Jr., CB, Missouri, could be a target to strengthen the secondary, given his smart and physical play style.


The Titans have some crucial decisions to make in the upcoming draft. Whether they choose to fortify the offensive line or add a dynamic weapon to their offense in the first round, it will significantly impact their strategy in the second round. As a fan, I'm hopeful that the Titans' front office will make the right choices to build a well-rounded and competitive team for the upcoming season.


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