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Thumb Woes: Jonathon Taylor Out 2-3 Weeks

A thumb injury? This has to be a dream. Right after I wrote about the Colts being undefeated in November and Jonathan Taylor's return, reports surfaced that he would be out for two to three weeks due to thumb surgery. I am appalled. After a really effective game against the Bucs that netted him over 6 yards a carry and 2 TDs, the injury stings even more.

Next Man Up

Zach Moss is next up in the running back room. He may not be my top pick, but alongside Trey Sermon, they should be able to handle business for the next two to three weeks while Jonathon Taylor is out. In the first match against the Titans, Zach Moss had his best performance of his career, with 165 rushing yards and two touchdowns. We should be in good shape if he can deliver even half of that during this game.

We need to rely on our receivers this time. Both Michael Pittman Jr and Josh Downs are likely to score a touchdown this week. They were heavily targeted during the last game against Tampa Bay, and I don't see that changing anytime soon, especially given the inconsistency of the Titans' secondary.


It seems like we didn't need Taylor in the first game, so I don't think we'll need him this time either. Our defense is strong enough to keep us in the game, and all we need is for our offense to score touchdowns. If Minshew can keep his composure and play well, we have a good chance of winning against a Titans team that has yet to really find themselves this year. Final Prediction 31-10.


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