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Three Things To Look For In the Big Week 1 Patriots Vs Dolphins Game

The Patriots are set to play the Dolphins in week one, here are three things to look for during the very important week one game.

New England is scheduled to play their divisional rivals the Miami Dolphins in week one. Both teams have had very interesting off-seasons, and both teams are trying to make a playoff push. Here are three things to look for during the week one Patriots Vs Dolphins game.

3. Patriots’ Secondary

New England saw the loss of their best cornerback J.C. Jackson. To replace him, they drafted two speedy and agile rookie cornerbacks: Marcus Jones and Jack Jones. New England is also getting Jonathan Jones back, and Jalen Mills is coming back for year two after a very solid 2021. Overall, how the cornerback room will perform is unknown. New England gets a great test for their secondary during week one. With the likes of Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Cedrick Wilson, New England can see how their secondary matches up against elite talent.

New England had a rough time stopping elite offenses in 2021, which is a problem. The AFC is loaded with talent, and to see the Patriots limit the explosive receivers of the Dolphins would be a great thing to see. It would show that New England’s secondary is good enough to compete, and that it won’t be a liability.

2. Patriots’ Passing Offense

Miami has gotten significantly better on offense, and they have a very good offense heading into 2022. New England has had a shaky offense in the pre-season games, and they’re transitioning from Josh McDaniels to Matt Patricia as offensive coordinator. The AFC has become significantly more explosive on offense, and without a sufficient passing offense New England will fall behind. Miami has the better wide receivers, so it would be a nice test to see how the Patriots stack up.

Devante Parker needs to have a revenge game against the Dolphins, he’ll likely draw the best cornerbacks from the Dolphins. Agholor will need to show that he can be the imposing deep threat he should have been last year. The X factor for this game might be Jakobi Meyers. Jakobi led the Patriots in receiving yards last year with 866. Meyers is likely the Patriots’ third receiver on the depth chart now, with Devante Parker and Kendrick Bourne above him. Jakobi Meyers has another gear to hit in his game, and getting the Dolphin’s third best corner would be very beneficial.

1. Mac Jones’ Development

While Mac’s play ties in with the passing offense, Mac Jones looking better than he did last year is arguably the most important thing for this week one game, and the most important thing for New England’s future. Mac needs to be able to generate more passing yards consistently, and he needs to limit careless turnovers.

In a conference with Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson, and lots of other good quarterbacks, Mac Jones will need to level up his game, and show the results of his work with Tom House The offense for the Patriots is a little questionable currently. They don’t have the talent of the top teams, and they have an unproven offensive mind calling the plays.

Mac had a good year in 2021, with 22 touchdowns and 3,801 yards. He needs to build on that and add more dimensions to his game for New England to be a contender in the future. Look for Mac’s progression in this game as he enters a pivotal year two. New England getting Devante Parker was a great move, and he had great chemistry with Mac Jones in training camp. Devante Parker and Mac Jones needs to form a good connection, as Parker is the best receiver Mac has gotten to play with so far in his time in the NFL.

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