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Three Things To Get Excited About The Cowboys ’22-’23 Season

Evan Moore believes there are three undeniable things to get excited about this Dallas Cowboys team. He details what you can look forward to this season when you want to be pumped up for something.

This past off-season didn’t provide too many things for Dallas Cowboys fans to get excited about. They lost some really key players, like Amari Cooper and La’el Collins. The draft was decent but still has yet to produce a real standout player. It feels like they didn’t get better, but at least they didn’t get a whole lot worse.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles loaded up, and look to have the makings of a pretty good team this season. The Cowboys are still defending NFC East champions, but they can definitely feel Philadelphia breathing down their necks. So, what is there to be excited about this season, you ask? I personally can think of three things that all of us fans should be very excited about, despite the ho-hum off-season.

Getting Excited For Parsons’ Second Season

The Cowboys have one of the best young defensive players, in the entire league, in Micah Parsons. He’s a force of nature on the football field, and a complete joy to watch play. The thought of getting to watch him play again has sustained me throughout this terrible off-season. He’s the beacon of hope that I have been following all summer long. I have been a man trying to climb out of a deep cave when all he can see is the tiny light at the entrance to the cave. That light keeps me from giving up. Micah has been my light during the off-season. He has kept me from giving up.

I have never in my life wanted to ever compare any player to Lawrence Taylor. I used to argue with anyone who ever tried to compare him to current players. He is the single greatest outside linebacker I have ever seen play the game in my forty-plus years of watching football. A disruptive force that was practically unstoppable. No one really could compare to LT. That is until Micah showed up.

Micah is just as versatile, just as disruptive, and almost as unstoppable as LT was. I would still argue with anyone that LT is still the better player. He has a whole career of dominance. Micah has still only played one season, but his ceiling does look really high. Parsons is the first guy I’ve seen who has a chance to reach the rarified air of at least being compared to LT someday.

What’s not to get excited about? Let’s Go!

Getting Excited For A Kick Returner With Burner Speed

The definition of CHARGED 🆙 @KaVontaeTurpin ⚡️ #DALvsLAC on CBS11/NFL+ — Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) August 21, 2022

If you watched the pre-season game against the San Diego Chargers this past Saturday, you are familiar with a new name on the Cowboys, Kavontae Turpin. He not only returned a kickoff for a touchdown, but he also took a punt all the way to the house, as well. Turpin was electric. It was definitely exciting to watch. The Cowboys haven’t had a real threat like this returning kicks since Deion Sanders.

A kick returner like Turpin can be a real x-factor every Sunday. You will have teams that will simply be too scared to kick to him. However, there will be plenty who still risk it and give Turpin a chance to break open a game or switch momentum. He can also be used on offense with that speed, and help break open games from the offensive side of the ball. Turpin’s a real weapon.

It also looks like Mike McCarthy has been impressed. It sounds like Kavontae Turpin will be the starter at kick returner for the opener against the Bucs. That’s definitely something to get excited about. Let’s go!

Getting Excited About This Defense

This defense is most definitely going to be the Cowboys’ strength this year. Even the backups have looked good in pre-season. In his second season as the defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn has instilled a culture of hustle and want-to that permeates through everyone on that side of the ball. It’s been nice to see what he’s done in a short amount of time. I’m excited to see what he can do this season.

Young guys like Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs are a year older and wiser. It will be fun to see how they have both improved. I think both will go on to have pro-bowl caliber seasons.

“Defense Wins Championships” is the old adage, and it is still true even in today’s game of high-powered offenses. This season, the Cowboys defense really has the potential to be a championship-caliber defense. That’s something to get really excited about. Let’s Go Cowboy Nation!!!



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