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Three Teams This Former Cy Young-Winning Pitcher Could Head To

Shane Bieber has been an elite pitcher since his emergence during the shortened 2020 MLB season. However, he hasn't been his typical self. With a far above-normal 3.51 ERA and a Guardians team still struggling in a historically dismal AL Central division, it could be time this pitcher finally gets traded. These would be the three most likely destinations for his deportee if it were to occur.

Team #1: The New York Yankees

Anytime there's a big name on the trade block, the Yankees must be mentioned. The Yankees have gotten off to a painfully average start this year, and as World Series favorites entering the season, they have to change something up if they want a hope of getting there. Gerrit Cole has been a monster on the mound, but with their number two pitcher, Carlos Rodon, still dealing with injuries, the Yankees need pitching now.

While their problem seems to be more batting, Bieber still would help this Yankees team immensely with far more pitching depth and the possibility of him rising to the big stage of New York City. There could be one problem, however, the Yankee tax. Anytime a team trades with the Yankees, the Bronx Bombers have to pay extra because everyone hates them, an actual thing. Teams would instead get less from another team rather than make a trade with the Yankees.

Team #2: The Los Angeles Angels

Bieber is still only on a one-year deal. Similar to that of Shohei Ohtani. A man who is about to earn more money than the worth of a few hockey teams. The Angels desperately need a pitcher who can help Ohtani in the rotation, and with the Astros currently looking murky, the Angels have a chance to swoop in and pick up a wildcard spot for the playoff. But more than anything, you try and convince Ohtani to stay.

Ohtani is one of the few players who can single-handedly win you a game. Keeping him would be a godsend, and not only would acquiring Bieber help you do that, but you also get another stud pitcher to help fill a massive hole on your potentially playoff-bound team.

Team #3: The Arizona Diamondbacks

This is a Diamondbacks team that has been shockingly good. With pitchers like Zac Gallen and Merrill Kelly already on the team, this could be a death sentence for other teams in that division, like the Giants and Dodgers, looking to make a comeback. The offense for the Diamondbacks has been consistent this year, propelled by likely rookie of the year Corbin Carroll. This Diamondbacks team can and is doing massive damage to contenders right now, and adding a third consistent pitcher could be an enormous game-changer.

In the playoffs, a third elite pitcher is the difference maker in the divisional and conference series. If the Diamondbacks could get a trustworthy third starter, come playoff time, they would have the roster needed to make a deep run with an incredibly young team. Bieber could quickly make the Diamondbacks contenders in what they need in Arizona.

My Prediction: The New York Yankees

The Yankees make these kinds of moves at the trade deadline, and with such precise needs, it makes sense that they would pay up. While it may not be the highest need on another list, a pitcher would certainly help shore them up, especially with the injury bug hitting them right now. If Brian Cashman wants to keep his GM job, I fully expect him to make a push behind this man.


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