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Three-Team Parlay That Would Pay Handsomely If The Jets Manage An Unlikely Victory

Discussing a high-risk three-team parlay (including the Jets) that would end up paying handsomely if it happens to hit in a miracle.

First off, I never write about this stuff, and there’s a good reason for that. I am a terrible gambler. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I get incredibly lucky, and yes, I have experienced some good wins on some smart wagers before; it happens. For the most part, however, I struggle to keep in the green, forever chasing long shots and horrible odds, looking to land some sort of immense payout someday.

My current favorite longshot wager for this weekend of action is in the form of a three-team parlay which includes the following underdog teams to win their games straight up in money-line bets: The New York Jets (+500), the Detroit Lions (+165), and the Tennessee Titans (+465). My units are typically $20, and a $20 bet on this would pay roughly $1750 if it hits. For me, that’s definitely worth the risk, and I’ll explain why.

(Please, though, nobody bet any more than $20 on this, it’s a moonshot basically, not worth the risk, not even worth the $20 probably, maybe bet like $5 on it to win like $650+, this is not a good bet despite the arguments I’m about to make).

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

This Jets Vs. Bills game is a classic trap game. The Jets will play at home for the second week in a row, coming off a disappointing loss to their most hated rival. They’re going to be fired up and looking to take some anger out on an unassuming Buffalo Bills team who is playing a game that wouldn’t spell the end of the world for them if they lost. The hungrier dog always wins, and this week, it could very well be the Jets in a surprising upset that could potentially lead us to a glorious payout.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

This Lions/Packers game is a tricky one to sus out for a multitude of reasons, but mostly for the reason that both of these teams suck this year and have shown egregious amounts of inconsistency for the most part. If both teams are playing at their full potential/capacity, though, it seems the nod might actually go to the Lions this year as to who should win this game on paper.

The Lion’s offense has been potent at times, at one point going on a historical run during the earliest part of this season. The Packer’s offense has been stagnant at best, relying mostly on their devastating one-two punch runningback combo of Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. If those guys get rolling, it’s over for Detroit, but in a tough game being played in Detroit, I think this is a 3-point game if I’ve ever seen one, and there’s no reason it couldn’t be the Lions, emergent as the victor, this time… for once.

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Everyone has this marked down as a blowout already in the favor of the Chiefs, most likely. In all likelihood, it will be exactly that. But between Ryan Tannehill finally being likely to return from an injury and the fact that the Titans won the last game between the two teams 27-3 last year, Patrick Mahomes isn’t counting anything out and was quoted as saying the following this week in regard to the Titans:

“This is a team that is a lot better than I think a lot of people out on social media and in media [realize] – they don’t really talk about them. But we know that it’s a great football team coming to town. We have to play our best football.” Patrick Mahomes

It’s basically the same old shtick you’d hear from any player about any team, but that’s mostly because it’s true. There’s not a ton of disparity between these two teams, and it seems as though it should be another close game where either team could come out on top. Why not throw them into the parlay? The odds are too good to deny.

In Conclusion

Yes, this will never hit, and I’m sorry in advance for the bad advice; you should have never listened to me, and you should be ashamed of yourself for gambling at all. However, if this parlay ends up hitting, you’re welcome, and I told you so.

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