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Three Takeaways From The Patriots’ 27-24 Loss Against The Packers

Here are the three big takeaways from the Patriots vs Packers game

New England had a tough game against the Green Bay Packers. They ultimately fell short 27-24. The Patriots went into the game with Brian Hoyer as the starter, then Brian Hoyer got injured, which led the Patriots to have to play Bailey Zappe. Here are the three main takeaways from the game.

The Patriots Found Their Future At Cornerback

When New England lost their star cornerback J.C. Jackson, they signed veterans like Malcolm Butler and Terrence Mitchell, then drafted Marcus and Jack Jones in the draft. We haven’t seen much of the rookie cornerbacks. Marcus Jones had multiple returns that gave New England great field position. With Jalen Mills out, Jack Jones got his opportunity, and he showed star potential. Jack Jones early into the Green Bay Packer’s first possession forced a fumble and recovered it. Then, right before halftime, he got an interception on Aaron Rodgers and returned it for a touchdown.

Jack Jones made a major impact on today’s game, especially his interception returned for a touchdown. The Patriots were missing their best wide receiver in Jakobi Meyers, and they were playing their third-string quarterback. Jack Jones should definitely see more usage in the upcoming weeks. The Patriots have made an effort to become younger and faster on the defensive side, and Jack Jones is an ideal player to be their future at cornerback.

Super Bowl Caliber Defense

With Mac Jones being out, it was clear the Patriots’ defense needed to be the reason New England won the game, and they certainly did so. New England forced a fumble, generated a pass rush, and picked off Aaron Rodgers. The safety duo of Adrian Phillips and Devin McCourty combined for nine tackles, and didn’t give up too many chunk plays. While Matthew Judon only finished with one sack, he was constantly generating pressure on Aaron Rodgers.

New England’s defense came to show this week, and they limited a Packers’ offense that has a lot of talent. Aaron Jones was running all over the Patriots’ defense, but they did a good job of making sure nobody else could. Also, New England didn’t have one of their best run-stopping players in Lawrence Guy, or their best cornerback so far in Jalen Mills.

Running Back Duo

New England’s run game was the reason they were able to move the ball at all. Rhamondre Stevenson and Damien Harris both had great games, combining for over 130 yards. They both also averaged over five yards per carry. The Packers defense knew that New England was going to focus on the run, and they still weren’t able to stop them.

The run game getting going also helped Bailey Zappe a lot. Zappe was able to get pressure taken off of him because the running game was moving the ball for the offense. Also, the run game was able to set up the play-action. A majority of Bailey Zappe’s yardage came from play action, and so did his first NFL touchdown. The improving offensive line certainly did its part in facilitating both the run game and the resulting play-action success.

When Mac Jones is back as the quarterback, New England’s offense has lots of potential. The running game was extremely productive today, especially against a great defense. When Mac is back, New England can find a healthy balance of establishing a dominant run game, and being able to run play-action plays that gets large chunks of yardage. The Patriots’ offense has a lot of potential, and if they are able to get healthy, New England can have a top-ten offense.

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