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Three Takeaways From The Bears Loss To The Lions

DETRIOT - After a dominant performance for 55 minutes the Chicago Bears lost it in the last five minutes. Let's get into the takeaways from Chicago's disappointing loss.

The Bears' Coaching

Based on the recent performances, it is obvious that the Bears are facing issues that may be attributed to their coaching staff, particularly the head coach, Matt Eberflus. During the fourth quarter, the offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy, adopted a conservative approach toward play-calling, which resulted in a three-and-out from the Bears' offense.

This gave Detroit the ball and all the momentum. During that drive, Getsy called two runs up the middle and a deep shot to Tyler Scott, which unfortunately did not convert. However, he never once used Fields' legs, which had been a significant threat to the Lions throughout the game, nor did he target D.J. Moore, who had seven receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown.

In the final moments of the game, the Chicago defense seemed to be completely lost. The Detroit Lions took advantage of this and scored 17 points in the last 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Chicago's defense had no response. Goff was impressively accurate in the remaining minutes, completing 12 out of 13 passes for 117 yards and a touchdown.

If it's not clear to you that Eberflus is no longer fit to be the Bears' head coach, I don't know what will.

Justin Fields Shines Amidst The Chaos

In his first game back from injury, Fields played like a franchise quarterback. Although his numbers weren't jaw-dropping, anyone who watched the game could see why he was considered a highly sought-after prospect when he came out of Ohio State.

He accumulated 273 yards in total and scored a touchdown. He had the most attempts and rushing yards of any Bears player, and he threw a touchdown pass to D.J. Moore in the late third quarter.

While he still has a long way to go to prove that he can be the future of this franchise, his performance today was a step in the right direction. However, it won't be an easy task given how impressive college quarterback prospects Caleb Williams and Drake Maye have looked.

Draft Positioning

It's time to look at a more positive direction that Chicago may be heading in despite today's loss. According to Tankathon, if the draft were held today, Chicago would hold two top-five picks, the first and the fourth.

This puts them in an excellent position to draft two players who could help them compete immediately if they hire the right coach. Tankathon's latest mock draft has Chicago selecting quarterback Caleb Williams from USC with the first pick and left tackle Olu Fashanu from Penn State with the fourth pick.

This would give Chicago one of the most talented quarterbacks in recent years to come out of college. Williams has been compared to Patrick Mahomes, who has been a cornerstone of the Chiefs' franchise since he was drafted. If Williams can even be 75% of what Mahomes has been, this would be a home run for Chicago.

Now, onto Olu. This would give Williams an immediate Pro Bowl blindside blocker for the young quarterback. If you pair that with Darnell Wright on the right side of the offensive line, it would give Chicago two future stud tackles to keep their young quarterback safe and sound.


Although watching Justin Fields being an elite athlete and D.J. Moore making impressive plays is exciting, with this staff in place it's going to be hard to follow this team this season. Hang in there Chicago, I have a feeling that it won't be long before this staff is let go and we can move onto greener grass.


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