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Three Surprising Outcomes For 2023 Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are a historic NFL franchise and one of the most known sports teams in the world. With five Super Bowl championships, many Hall-Of-Fame players, and one of the biggest fanbases in the league, there is always a lot of pressure for the 'Boys to do well. The team has not won a Super Bowl since the 1990s and many fans are frustrated and angered by that.

So as always, many fans agree this season should end with holding up the Lombardi Trophy. But what are the realistic outcomes for the Dallas Cowboys this season? Will they end up as the champions of the NFL, or slide down to the bottom of the NFC East in surprising fashion? Here are three surprising outcomes that could happen in the 2023 NFL Season.

Key Additions: CB Stephon Gilmore (trade), WR Brandon Cooks (trade) Key Subtractions: TE Dalton Schultz, RB Zeke Elliot, WR Noah Brown Key Draft Picks: DT Mazi Smith (first-round), TE Luke Schoonmaker (second-round)

The Best Outcome For The Dallas Cowboys:

13-4 1st NFC East

In this scenario, the Dallas Cowboys absolutely dominate the NFC, just like their rival Eagles did a season ago. While the Eagles struggle with one of the toughest schedules in the NFL, Dallas cruises to the first seed and the division crown. Dak Prescott proves the haters wrong by throwing for 5000+ yards and 40 touchdowns while winning NFL MVP for the first time in his career.

The top-five Cowboys' defense is critical in their playoff run, as they notch big wins against their rival Eagles at home, who would be the fifth seed in this scenario, which would send Dallas to its first conference championship game in over 20 years. Even better, 'Dem Boys will defeat the 49ers to advance to Super Bowl LVIII, where they take down Kansas City.

You heard that right, in the best scenario the Dallas Cowboys are NFL Champions, which tie the Pittsburgh Steelers (6) and New England Patriots (6) in NFL championships, which ties them as the 4th most NFL championships in history, trailing the Giants (8), Bears (8), and Packers (13).

Although Dak won NFL MVP, I could see Micah Parsons taking the Super Bowl MVP award, as he is one of the best linebackers in the NFL.

The Worst Outcome For The Dallas Cowboys:

7-10 4th NFC East

In this scenario, the Dallas Cowboys struggle and disappoint a lot. From Super Bowl contenders to worst in the division. But how could this happen? I'm not including injuries in this list as most Cowboys fans know what happened in the 2020 NFL season. In this case, Dak Prescott, who led the NFL in interceptions last season, continues to struggle and lacks chemistry with his new receivers.

This slide would be very similar to the Packers last season, who entered the season as contenders but only won eight games. Although the Cowboys' Super Bowl window is still open, the team could look at finding a new quarterback if Prescott struggles in this scenario, especially with the loaded quarterback class in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Realistic Outcome For The Dallas Cowboys:

11-6 2nd NFC East

In this realistic scenario, the Cowboys won't win the division, but will still be one of the best teams in the NFC securing the fifth seed once again and heading to most likely whoever wins the NFC South, for the second year in a row. I expect Prescott to have a good year, throwing over 30 touchdown passes, and the defense to be stellar as always.

Dallas should be expected to win another playoff game, especially if it is New Orleans or Carolina. But it is also likely that they face the Eagles or 49ers, who at the moment have much better rosters and are currently the favorites in the NFC.

So in this scenario, the Cowboys win 11 games, and win a playoff game but fall in the divisional round. While this may be deja vu for fans and probably won't be happy with this result, it is the most realistic outcome for the 2023 Dallas Cowboys.


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